Pencil2d automatically creates straight line when i put my drawing pencil on it

When I put my drawing pencil on a frame it just automatically creates a straight line even when I erase it it keeps on doing it it is annoying when I’m trying to draw. There might be something wrong with my drawing tablet or pencil but it hasn’t happened to me on any other drawing programs.

@unionava101 Hi, sorry to hear you’re experiencing these issues. Certainly these kind of issues are not normal. It would be great if you could let us know which OS you are using as well as which exact version of Pencil2D as well as your tablet brand.

If I had to guess you’re probably using Windows 10 and a HUION or WACOM tablet.

OS Troubleshooting

If you don’t have Windows, you should still be able to follow most of the tablet steps provided below but let us know so we can ask the developers to assist with additional macOS / Linux specific steps.

However, If you are using Windows 10 please re-download Pencil2D from the official website and follow this guide as close as you can: [Guide] How to Train Your Pencil2D (Windows)

After that enable compatibility with Windows 7 for the Pencil2D.exe application by following this guide:

Graphics Tablet Troubleshooting

If you’re using a HUION tablet please make sure your drivers are updated, however if your model is too old this will certainly be the source of the problem. Just in case review your settings and disable the linear optimizer as per this reply: Difficulty with Tablet

Make sure to Turn OFF Windows Ink as well.

If you’re using a WACOM tablet there are various things you also need to check in order.

  1. On your Wacom preferences, Turn OFF the Windows Ink checkbox. image
  2. On your Wacom preferences, create an application preset to control only Pencil2D and try testing different settings such as:
  1. Lastly after trying all of those options in order close Pencil2D and restart the Wacom service. Here’s a guide to do that
  2. After you have stopped the service make sure that the processes that are related to “Wacom” have been removed from the task manager, otherwise restarting the service will not work properly image
  3. Open Pencil2D.exe only after the service has been restarted. Not before or it won’t work either way.


If after taking all of these steps the problem still appears please try the latest development build (April 26th) from the following link:

Windows (64bits) (This is a google drive folder, look for the most recent version by looking at the date and download it directly)


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