Tablet drivers causing problems

Hello, I’ve been using Pencil 2d with a Wacom Bamboo tablet for a while now and have been absolutely loving it. However, recently I installed the drivers on my tablet and since then have been having major issues. Anytime I draw with the tablet it creates weird geometric shapes consisting of long lines all over the page. I was just wondering if there was any way to fix this?

@JTempest Hi. If you’re using Windows, particularly Windows 10 along the latest Wacom drivers downloaded from their support site there are some extra steps you could take for Pencil2D to work please take a look at the following reply which is in itself a guide with tips to address issues with Wacom tablets:

If you are using macOS i’m afraid only a few of those tips will be useful, and if you try to restart the service take a look at this OS specific guide:

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