VCRUNTIME140_1.dll / MSVCP140.dll Missing? Help

So im tryna downlad paint2d and this comes up whenever i try n open the application?


@kaliahy Hi, this is usually a problem with your windows installation which is lacking this file along other key components for certain programs to work. Normally these are system files associated with programming components that are obtained through windows update, though some programs bundle them, however this particular message is rare.

Pencil2D bundles the vc_redist.exe installer that is appropriate for your OS architecture (32 / 64 bits) inside the Pencil2D folder you extracted previously.

However if you are unsure about using the bundled installer file, please visit the following official site by Microsoft and under the Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 section download the vc_redist.exe version that is appropriate for your system (x86 for 32bits, x64 for 64bits).

If you are unsure as to which system architecture you have please look at this FAQ on the second question from top to bottom.

Actually I thought why the error popped up is because vc_redist.x64 wasn’t installed which is located in Pencil2D folder where the pencil2D exe file is. I reinstalled the 0.6.5 update and forgot that I first must install it.

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