Cannot install pencil 2d

I keep getting this error message whenever I try to install: "The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found’’. Please advice.

@SpaceMarshall Hi. Welcome to the forum. This has been asked plenty in the forum recently and in the past. This is a variant of the MSVCP140.dll that happened for Windows 7 users. Basically it’s a windows error due to the lack of specific components. Usually these are obtained through Windows updates, however Pencil2D bundles an installer in case you don’t have them.

We have a troubleshooting section in the download page below the program direct links. Here’s a direct link to that section where you can find details on how to solve this and other tech issues.

Please go to the Pencil2D folder and run the vc_redist.exe installer.

If you have issues with this installer then please read this reply and download the installer directly from Microsoft:

Next time if possible please use the top right search function image to search for issues that already have been answered. If you don’t find a related issue to your problem after some searching, please feel free to post a new thread. Thanks.

Thank you very much sir.I ran the installer and it worked.My apologies for my late reply. Grateful.

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