I can't find my file

Hi guys, I’m working on animation on pencil2d mac. But after I exported it I can’t find my animation in the location I save. What should I do??

@Helzi Hi. If you’re using a legacy version of macOSX (anything below 10.12) I’m afraid you are experiencing an incompatibility issue where one of the plugins used is not working properly. Unfortunately this is an ongoing problem we’re trying to address. If you want more detail please read a previous reply on a similar topic: Version 0.6.4 Will not export animation file to anything

A temporary solution would be to downgrade to a previous version only for export. Here’s the link to version 0.6.4 https://github.com/pencil2d/pencil/releases/tag/v0.6.4

That said if you are using a recent version of macOS, please let us know if you’re using also the latest version of Pencil2D since it could be a different issue.

Okay, so my MacOS is the newest version and my pencil 2d version is 0.6.4. If that really isn’t going to work should I try to use window to animate?

If you have the latest version of macOS, you should not be using v0.6.4. Please upgrade to v0.6.5 and try exporting again. Additionally, make sure that the file you are exporting to has an extension that matches the format you are trying to export to (ex. .mp4 for a movie or .gif for an animated gif).

Ok, I will. Thank you very much!!

Hi, I went to the download section of the official website to re-download the 0.6.5 version of pencil 2d. But I still see the 0.6.4 version after I open it. (Also cannot export video) What should I do? And also, I want to ask will this problem (Can’t export animation if it’s older version of software) also happen on window 10?

@Helzi Hi.

But I still see the 0.6.4 version after I open it

Make sure you are uninstalling / deleting Pencil2D from your app folder.

Additionally this is the direct link for macOSX above 10.13+ https://github.com/pencil2d/pencil/releases/download/v0.6.5/pencil2d-mac-0.6.5.zip

I want to ask will this problem (Can’t export animation if it’s older version of software) also happen on window 10?

In general you shouldn’t have this problem at all, and you should be able to export in all platforms with 0.6.5 as long as your OS is relatively recent. Windows 10 should not exhibit this problem, but sometimes people will report difficulties with Windows 10 that are beyond our scope of support. For them we have this guide specifically [Guide] How to Train Your Pencil2D (Windows)

And we also have a quick post on windows error solutions that is pinned here VCRUNTIME140_1.dll / MSVCP140.dll Missing? Help

Thank you very much for your support! It works! And also, I’m going back to China to film some documentary next month. So will the software (Window version) have any problem if I can’t update? (You know that stupid firewall right?)

@Helzi Hmm, AFAIK we have a lot of chinese users and we haven’t had a single complaint about this.

It is of course theoretically plausible if there were some political sanctions between the U.S and China since we host Pencil2D downloads on Github.com which is one of the largest open source code repository and it’s based in the U.S, however this is likely not to happen in my opinion for many obvious reasons :moneybag:

If it does happen let us know and we’ll get a different download link for you. Good luck :wave:

Actually there have been a couple times where Github was blocked by China. If you are having issues accessing our download, we have a mirror here: https://bitbucket.org/chchwy/pencil2d/downloads/. However this has not been updated for v0.6.5 yet. We’ll try to get that updated soon.

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