Importing and moving a transparent gif

when I import a gif, is there a way to move the whole gif at once? like for example, is it possible for me to make a gif of a character walking, export that gif (with transparent background) and import it into another animation (which has a bg) cause i wanna try having a pencil2d file with a background and importing multiple transparent gifs of different characters (on different layers) and be able to move each character animation as a whole gif (ie. all frames at the same time) is that possible? sorry if i explained that confusingly ^_^;

@Rocky_Stone Hi! Hmm unfortunately just not yet. There is a feature in preview that will allow you to move multiple drawings on the timeline but this is under review, but this is mostly to fix stuff at the same time, not for motion interpolation.

Your other option is to use the “camera layer” we have a guide to learn about it here: [Guide] Understanding the Camera Layer

So basically the easiest way is you animate a large horizontal background moving, export that and then use that image sequence as the actual background for the character walk.

I mention image sequence because GIF’s have low quality as they are old web standards, so better export a sequence of PNG images if you want to retain maximum quality.

Now to be honest for what you need right now, it might be better if you make the walks in pencil2D and then use other software to move them. I can recommend Synfig as it has motion interpolation out of the box. think of it as more of a compositing software for animation or a motion graphics software.

So you’d import your BG, then you’d import your image sequence for each character and each thingy will be seen as an object and can be moved independently with relative ease.

If you need further help let us know, we don’t mind if you use other software :slight_smile:

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thanks for the response :smiley: also is there a way to select all the images in the sequence and copy paste them all and keep doing that so the walk cycle loops?

@Rocky_Stone Unfortunately not yet, that feature is also under review but the devs are aware of how much it’s needed, so we’re hoping for a speedy implementation.

What you can do is export an image sequence of the cycle you want to repeat and then re-import the frames multiple times on the same layer. It’s quicker than trying to duplicate them by punching the F6 key repeatedly.

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Alright, thanks for the help :smile:

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