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Hello Pencil2D, I am a new member to understand Pencil2D and am working on a character walking down a road. I’ve heard about an option which involves moving the background slowly which will give the impression of the character walking. The above process is extremely tedious. Can someone possibly explain another method to fulfill the action. Perhaps using camera layer??

Thanking you, Sinak

@Sinak Hi I replied to a similar question here: Importing and moving a transparent gif

Basically you have to create at least 2 separate files. One for the main scene with the character, and one with the moving background. In the latter you have to use the camera layer to create a motion of the background and then import it on the main scene where your character is walking in a cycle in the same place. This will give the illusion of the character moving over the background.

You can also make the opposite animating the character with a camera against a transparent background and importing that into the main scene with a static background.

Another way is to use another software like Synfig to move interactively the character that was animated in Pencil2D.

Hello @JoseMoreno,

Thank you for the lovely response. I’ve noticed only you helping people in need. However, I just have another question. How can I make a GIF with a transparent background?? The problem is that whenever I create an animation with the background transparent after exporting (as a GIF in this case) the background color turns solid white. Is there a way to either turn the white background GIF to a transparent background or do we do something different before exporting?? Please express your opinions related to the matter.

Appreciate the efforts taken!!

Thanking you, Sinak

@Sinak Hi, I’m dedicated to provide tech support, but developers also help from time to time.

Regarding your question and as far as I know, unfortunately the GIF specification handled by Pencil2D does not support transparency colors (straight alpha).

Instead you would need to:

  1. Export a PNG image sequence with transparency from Pencil2D
  2. Import the sequence as layers into GIMP (Or Photoshop if you use it)
  3. Export the transparent Animated GIF from there.

If you don’t know how to export GIF form GIMP her’es a video I just found that could help:

I’m not sure when Pencil2D will be able to export with transparency, but it’s been discussed in the past so hopefully it won’t take long to have this feature implemented, though i don’t know the technical difficulties involved so that’s why I can’t provide you with an time estimation.

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Hi @JoseMoreno,

Appreciate the helpful response. Third times the charm as they say. Therefore I would like to present you one more question. Is there an easy way to enlarge an image without disturbing aspect ratio. In one specific scene the character has to grow big (according to a potion or whatever) so how can I enlarge my character without making the character too thin or too wide. Please regard your views related to the matter.

Appreciating the help!!

Regards, Sinak.

Hi, If you select the drawing (Ctrl+A), and hold down the Shift key while you resize it with the movetool, you’ll keep the aspect ratio.

Hello @davidlamhauge, Thank you so much for the reply. I have understood the approach. Thanks once again.

Sincerely! Sinak.

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