[Guide] How to import sound into Pencil2D

:warning: In version 0.6.5 Currently there’s an issue where you HAVE to add the sound by using the add frame button in step #3 :warning:

  1. How to import sound into Pencil2D
    :arrow_forward: _Option A will create a sound layer and take you to step :two: and :four: automatically, the other options will only create the layer so you have to continue following the steps in order

    :large_blue_circle: A. Go to the topbar menu File > Import > Sound
    :large_blue_circle: B. Go to menu Layer > New Sound Layer
    :large_blue_circle: C. Press CTRL + ALT + W
    :large_blue_circle: D. Press the Layers Plus :heavy_plus_sign: button on the left part of the timeline widget.

  2. A name field will appear to write. Give the sound layer a descriptive name.

  3. When a new sound layer is added, to create a new sound container either press:
    :a: The Plus :heavy_plus_sign: button next to the Keys label
    :b: F7 keyboard shortcut.
    This will create a blank keyframe and immediately open a file explorer / folder browser.

  4. Find the sound file you want to import. Select it :arrow_left:. Press Open.

  5. If the sound loads successfully, you should see the keyframe container lengthen to represent the entire duration of the sound. Note you will not see a waveform; this is pending implementation.

:warning: Right now other sound formats are in preview. The only ones that work are WAV and MP3’s encoded with open codecs e.g Audacity’s MP3 L.A.M.E codec :warning: