[Wiki] How to build Pencil Step by Step

Dear all,

I just post a guide for building Pencil

I hope it will be helpful to you.

ps. any improvement is welcome.



Thats’s very nice !

I moved it under tutorials.


I am having difficulties to find out where to get the C++ Compiler and MinGW Developer Toolkit.
(I found a page with a “Visual C++ Compiler”. Is it the name of the file correct?)

I would really like to build Pencil. That would be my first time into the programming thing…

Well, thanks


You can download MinGW installer from here:


“mingw-get-inst-20120426.exe” is what you’re looking for.

download and double clicked, next, next, next …

That was so easy. Thank you
(I didn´t know the C++ compiler and the toolkit was inside that file).
Starting to build it

I am getting an error during the Qt version detection.

In your step guide Matt, #4.a, I got only one manual Qt 4.84.4 (4.8.4), in the same path for wind but it shows a red exclamation mark.

Does anyone knows how to solve this issue?
Thank you before hand

I guess there is a “Configure” button in Project Tab, press it.


Thank you for the tip, but nothing worked for me. I was not able to build it.
I will just keep downloading the zip file, full functional executable for Pencil, the best way for me

I will be in contact with bugs.

Thanks for your work, and all the others


I started all over again and somehow managed to follow your instructions and finally managed to build and run pencil.
(your development of Pencil is going so fast that I have to keep track of it building and testing Pencil :slight_smile:

One question: After running Pencil I got the Qt Creator with a message of 83 issues, most if not all of them related to some sort of "unused parameters… And I am concerned if those issues are going to affect in somehow the performance of the build you have updated?

Does it something to do with an incomplete installation of your instructions?

Great work!

@kaiko, happy to hear about that.
Maybe you could improve the wiki post if I miss any step.

“Unused parameters” is an annoying little warning,
don’t worry about it.

Is there any chance of a guide for building under linux?

Hi @Beorn,.
I think the link under the first post here got what you are looking for!

Would you be more specific?

“This guide is based on Qt 4.8.4. and Qt Creator 2.7.1, for Windows and Mac OS X.”

Oh, I see… did not pay enough attention…

Let us wait to see if somebody can help you on that.

About to improve the wiki post if you missed any step (as you suggested) I think I can add some little steps within your steps. Just for those who are really knew to this thing of building something (as I am right now) that new addition would be a useful information.

Just tell me when I might start doing it, and how to present it to you to check it (I am non-English spoken), on PM or here.

By the way, on the pencil2d repository, my firefox crashes almost all the time I made an Issue Report. It usually crashes when I am correcting my grammar with the firefox dictionary.
Never happens while on other sites.


Just start the work anytime, feel free to edit my wiki posts.
(I’m not native English speaker, too)

ps. I’m sorry to hear about the browser crashing,
how about using a different browser? ex. Chrome or Opera

Good! I will tell you when I´ll finish it.

(Yesterday night firefox didn´t crash…)


Is there a problem with building Pencil with QT 4.7.4?

I noticed that the tablet is not handle with QT 4.8 under Mac OS X. I built it with QT 4.7 and the tablet was working fine.

If there is no incompatibility with 4.7 I will keep building the mac version with 4.7.


(The nightly build I made this morning was built with 4.8 so the tablet won’t work on this one)

Thanks… @feeef ,
Actually the last official Mac release is built under Qt 4.7.4,
but the document hasn’t updated yet.



I would like to Compile/build (again) Pencil2D, following the windows step-by-step (by @Matt) but I am stuck here: http://www.pencil2d.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/qt-kit-win.png (the “MinGW (default)” line is showing me a yellow triangle and also there is nothing on the “Debugger” line, but it says GDB Engine on the above image.

And here: http://www.pencil2d.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/qt-versions.png it says something about a compiler not being able to compile this version of Qt (not so sure about it, sorry)

Does anyone knows what is wrong with this?

By the way, now there is a different version of the Qt Creator (3.0) and Qt Libraries (5.2.0). Should I use the most recent versions? Maybe the problem has to be with the Source Code downloaded?

I have reinstall everything, but nothing works, and Pencil is not able to be build

Thank in advance