[Wiki] How to build Pencil Step by Step

So… any tips about this? :slight_smile:

I am still no able to build Pencil (win7)

Any help?


I can draw, but i am really dummy in all this stuff with coding/building so I dutifully waiting for release of new versions for every open source app that i use. Please be mercy, don’t forget about us :slight_smile:


The building guide is a little bit out of date now.

MinGW has updated to 4.8 (which is not compatible with 4.6), and Qt5 is not fully backward compatible with Qt4.

I found that Qt fixed the WACOM supporting issue, finally. So we can move to Qt5, I’m working on it. I’ll update the guide after the Qt5 migration finishing.

Ohh… that is why I couldn´t built it. Glad you read the post :slight_smile:

I´ll wait till your update :slight_smile: Thank you

@chchwy That’s good news =o) There are one or two other applications i’ve been kind of wanting to try out, but have not bothered with because they want Qt5. Pencil2D, on the other hand, is well worth adding the extra libs and headers.