Why when I install the 32 bit version I don't get missing drivers!

When I download and run the 32 bit version of Pencil2D it works every time, but the 64 bit version I get missing drivers. This happens even when both downloads and running sessions are on the same computer?

I’m talking about VCRUNTIME140.dll.

This happens if you have the 32-bit version of the Visual Studio runtime files, but not the 64-bit version. When you download and extract the 64-bit version of Pencil2D, there is a file called vc_redist.exe you need to run. This will install the necessary missing components. After that, the 64-bit version of Pencil2D should work fine on your computer. See here if you want some more details: VCRUNTIME140_1.dll / MSVCP140.dll Missing? Help.

Hi Pencil2D Team

I’ll pass the message onto Computer Support Team.

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