Why is the animation off timing when I export it?

Not sure if this is a bug specifically or not.

When I export an animation with audio it ends up SUPER off timing. The audio starts 3 seconds into the animation and it doesn’t line up with the frames at all. The audios I use are typically MP3 and I use 4 fps for an animatic effect. Help!!

Edit: I forgot to mention but the way I make it on timing is by going into an editing program and adding the audio I wanted, then muting the animation. Is there a way to get it on timing straight from Pencil2d?

If the timing of the animation is slower than what you want, put the fps up one and export it. if the timing is faster than what you want put the fps down one and export it. So for example:

Too fast: Make it 3 fps Too slow: Make it 5 fps

by the way, for your edit… pencil2d doesnt accept mp3 files. convert your mp3 file into a wav file and then import it into pencil2d and it should work… just speaking from experience

@razzy Hey sorry didn’t see this before, sigh :weary: this is actually a problem with perception on playback. Sound is accurately represented while doing sound scrubbing, but playback will lag the more layers and frames you have. Pencil2D is missing a preview mode, so you’re advised to export quick previews at smaller resolutions (use the output size in the movie export window) so you can preview the full animation, and use the sound scrubbing feature to preview short bursts of animation.

There’s more info here under known issues: [Guide] How to import sound into Pencil2D

That’s weird, cause it always exported with MP3. But I’ll try wav.

Alright. Will you guys be adding a preview mode to fix this? Not trying to be pushy, just asking!

Pencil2d only accepts wav format audio. I figured this out way back when i started with the program, it’s not that hard… if you have an mp3 just convert it here:


I am well aware how to convert a file. I was just asking, thanks.

@MatticsAnimations The latest stable release of Pencil2D (v0.6.6), does support importing mp3 and a variety of other formats in the same way described in @JoseMoreno’s link. Certain mp3s are encoded with a codec that Pencil2D cannot recognize, so sometimes an mp3 may not work and you will need to convert it to a wav, but in that case, the sound will not play in Pencil2D at all. It is for this reason, and a few other known issues, that we recommend using wavs, but they are not the only format supported.

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@razzy It’s been requested and is part of the roadmap, but AFAIK it’s not an easy feature to implement with the state of the codebase right now.

This means we will have to wait for most of the existing tasks that are being done and those that are queued before developers can tackle this.

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Alrighty then. Thanks.

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