Recent Pencil2D Nightly Build has no pressure Windows 8.1


Even if I enable it to compatibility mode, it doesn’t work here (Win8,1). One funny thing is that when running Pencil2D as administrator mode, my pen table (Huion Hd185) stops working. Closing Pencil2d will solve it

are you using the same nightly build and latest Huion drivers?

@kaiko :pensive: Sigh this is very weird indeed. Just incidentally does the same happen with the MyPaint latest build? are you missing pressure there as well?

I’ll ask the devs if they have any clue on that. I think I will move your comments to a new thread as this one is already closed since some of Wigatron’s issues were fixed (others are still currently under investigation).

@JoseMoreno I am using win8,1 and there is no pressure for the drawing tools (tested with the last Nightly Build 2020/04/06)

[despite I downloaded the last build signed from 2020//04/08, it is showed as day 06 on the upper bar of Pencil2D ]

The stable version of Pencil2D is just fantastic with the drawing tools strokes particularly the pencil tool, and the resize shortcut for them is working withing the whole canvas

Just a note

@JoseMoreno I believe that the workaround (using pencil2d in compatibility mode for win7) will only work for those using win10 OS.

@kaiko Thanks, this continues to be shaped in my eyes as a compatibility problem between Qt framework, the graphics tablet make year, the graphics tablet drivers version compatibility with the wintab API & potential OS missing or pending updates to correct these problems.

Client operating systems End of mainstream support End of extended support
Windows 8.1 January 9, 2018 January 10, 2023

Since Win 8.1 is older, it will stop receiving updates in the next 3 years, but even without considering that, certain tablet models older than 2018 have not received driver updates in a long time.

For HUION you can see the driver update log until 2019 here:

For example the H420 series drivers haven’t been updated from v12 which was over 2-3 years ago.

Same with WACOM, for example, some Bamboo series haven’t had their drivers updated in a long time.

And what’s worse different OS have different versions available to them in most cases.

Thank you ! @JoseMoreno

As we chat before, I am going to replace win8. I think the Huion drivers for win10 will be the same as for win8. My drivers are from 2048, so I think it will work ok :+1:

@Wigatron I missed your post sorry.

Yes, I was using the same nightly build and the latest Huion drivers at the time.

[Note apart: I managed to solve this issue by using an older version of Qt, from 16-Dec-2019. I don’t even need to check win7 for OS compatibility. The idea came from @CandyFace]

Thank you

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