Bug Report with Nightly build -win64-2020-03-30

Hi All,

Firstly I must say I am very happy to have an application like Pencil2D. It’s nice and simple. A very barebones experience & for most of us who just tinker its perfect.

That said in playing with the latest nightly build I ran into a couple of issues.

  1. When using my Wacom tablet, Pencil2D would register a click rather than stroke, sometimes this would draw a nice thin line but then other times it would draw a solid fully thick line.

  2. When the autosave kicked in of it does when drawing a line it draws a full-strength line. Often when i’m finding my lines i’ll have a bold full strength line there too, Again i’m using my Wacom pen Tablet.

  3. Tool Changes randomly. While drawing the tool will randomly change to the hand. but will still draw with the pencil tool for a few strokes before randomly deciding its the hand tool and move the canvas.

Let me know if you have any question let me know. Also happy to grab a video if that helps?

@Wigatron Hi. Thank you for taking the time to report your issues.

Let’s see, I assume you’re using Windows 10, but if not would you mind stating what OS are you working with?

For now I’ll answer each point in order, apologies for the lengthy response but I hope it helps you to move forward:

  1. If using Windows 10, please set Pencil2D’s compatibility with Windows 7. I personally have a Wacom Intuos 5 pro with the latest 2020 drivers, but I’m not getting pressure sensitivity unless I do this. It seems Windows 10 struggles with Wacom’s drivers Wintab specification

    Unfortunately this problem will probably not be fixed as it depends on wacom’s improvements of the drivers, and Qt Framework’s improvements (this is the underlying technology Pencil2D uses to create the app and handle the drawing)

    Due to this and other issues, one of the developers is investing time into replacing the current brush engine which you can test currently by visiting this thread MyPaint version pre-alpha preview and downloading the relevant version.

    Please let us know if this new engine works better for you as well and place your feedback on that thread, but do bear in mind this is a highly experimental version so please don’t use it for important work.
  2. This is something the developers are aware of but as far as I know while the autosave dialog will prevent you from placing a stroke during the saving procedure, as it’s dumping the current state of the file into the PCLX, it will remember the input you were making and try it’s best to continue afterwards, so in some cases you will invariably get a wonky line, this is unavoidable with the current implementation.

    I personally set the autosave to a high value to forget so this won’t happen often, but it’s also better to stop moving the stylus once you notice the autosave. If you do get a wonky stroke, you’ll have to undo that and keep working.

    Just in case please try out the latest development builds that is appropriate for your system and test out if you continue to have the same issue, I helped a bit and now you can set up to 4096 steps for the autosave https://pencil2d.org/download/#nightlybuild

    That said I’ll try to discuss with the devs if there is any way we can at least improve how the autosave effects current drawing. We have discussed this a lot but have yet to reach a conclusion on how to implement a proper solution :pensive:
  3. Hmm well this one could probably be due to how the tools behave. Right now pressing either [Middle Mouse Button], [Right Mouse Button] or [Spacebar] will invoke the hand tool temporarily so you can Pan, Tilt and Zoom the canvas while drawing, so if you have your stylus mapped to any of these that can explain the involuntary changes to the hand tool.

    Unfortunately MMB and RMB can’t be reassigned at the moment, but the devs are aware of this as other users with very specific tablet configurations have complained about having issues related to this impossibility.

    In this case, if possible try to create an application profile for Pencil2D and test with a different configuration to see if this solves the issue for you. If it keeps happening despite this, then let us know. If you have more info on “when” it is most likely to switch, that would help too.

@kaiko Yes I have the same problem with all the latest nightlies. I had to enable compatibility with Windows 7 for the pencil2d.exe to workaround that. Honestly we were discussing about it a few days ago, but we still have to investigate the cause :pensive:

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I enabled compatibility mode for (Windows 7) & that seems to have resolved my issues.

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@Wigatron Thanks for reporting back! Also actually I’ve been testing related issues a bit more lately and I think we found the root cause for your point #3 , it seems Pencil2D will automatically map middle and right mouse buttons to the stylus even if you disable the buttos mapping on your tablet drivers (Wacom in my case but seems to happen for Huion too), this didn’t happen in 0.6.2 so I’m sleuthing at which point this behavior started occurring in order for the devs to have accurate information to fix it in the future.

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No issue. Well you can only improve is I report back.

Great work to. Hopefully what you have found sorts it.

All of my issue were resolved by using the software in Compatibility mode

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