Problems exporting + deadline

HI, i’m a total noob working on a spec commercial project using pencil 2d to create a pitch video for a product i will attempt to market. I exported a test video successfully ( i thought ) but had no luck importing into a video editor ( shotcut ). I then opened the exported file and found no contents. Going back into p2d i tried to export another file and the export mechanism seems completely frozen up, I,m not able to load a file or view sequential images, the export window just hangs there. So my request is twofold 1) Would it be possible for one of you highly proficient dev people to export the pclx file to png for me and 2) would love to have any info on what is actually happening so that I can address this type of thing in the future w/o having to bug you guys. It’s possible that this project might be profitable, if so I will gladly make a donation in return for a usable source file, love and appreciate pencil2d. Thanks mondiller

@mondiller Hi. I don’t understand is your Pencil2D file corrupted? Do you need us to try to recover it? or is it just that you can’t find a way to export?

If it’s the latter and your file is not appearing, it possible that it’s a problem that’s already been fixed on the upcoming version, and we have a workaround (which applies to SImage Sequences and Video exports).

To verify that you have the same issue (and can fix it) please read the following response and try to export both an MP4 & PNG sequences directly

If for some reason after that you can’t export to MP4 from Pencil2D, then try exporting a sequence of PNG’s and follow this tutorial (which uses shotcut)

I have another one where you can use Blender (2.79) VSE

You can speed both up to 1.5x and it will still be understandable

If you still can’t export the project even as PNG sequence, I’m willing to do it for you, but I’d like to state two things:

  1. I don’t have much time so I may take more time to reply with the result than the time you take to test the potential workaround.
  2. If I have to sign any kind non disclosure agreement or similar legally binding document, I won’t help, sorry but it’d just take too much time and I’m crunching on my day job, plus I don’t want any trouble later :sweat_smile:

If you are still ok with 1 and 2 then please send me a private message with a link to the PCLX you want to export, and i’ll try to export the PNG sequence and an MP4 from Pencil2D once i’m able.

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