My animation won’t export as an mp4

When I try to export my animation as an mp4 file, it quickly starts the process then stops it right after. I am using a Mac. Can anybody help?

@therealama What version of Pencil2D are you using? You can find the version number in I believe it’s Pencil2D > About in the top menu on Mac.

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Version 0.6.4 is what I’m currently using

And what version of mac are you currently using? El Capitan, Sierra, etc… You should be able to see by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen and going to About this Mac

I am using high Sierra version 10.13.6

Iam using Version 0.6.4

One thing you can both try is making sure that the file you are exporting to has a .mp4 extension. Failing that, you can try using the mac legacy build (10.7-10.11 in the downloads page) even if you are using a newer version of macOS.

problem is actual for me too
Using 0.6.3 for Windows
Can’t save mp4 with musik. The file is empty, 9 bytes
Could you please help???

@ariadna Please don’t use 0.6.3, it’s already over 6 months old. Download 0.6.4. It has a lot of improvements, and also stay tuned for 0.6.5 which will be released before new year’s eve hopefully and it will bring even MORE improvements.

If you still can’t export the file with 0.6.4, please make sure on the movie exporter options that the name of your file has the extension attached like this:


e.g MyAnimation -> MyAnimation.MP4

We found there’s an issue with the interface spanish localization which makes the extension not to be automatically added and thus it makes Pencil2D unable to export movies and GIF’s, however this might be occurring in other languages we aren’t aware of.

If you still have this issue after trying this, please upload your file to a file hosting service like wetransfer and i’ll personally export the file for you (I have windows 7)


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