Pencil2d Windows Packages

well i found the instructions to build Pencil2D on windows, i managed to make it properly except only for x64 systems since i’m using that architecture, i have MSVC x32 libraries to from another project i compiled not long ago but QtCreator refuses to use them as valid Kits, honestly i would like to build both version for everyone and while i will provide you the link for the x64 version as soon as the building process ends i would very much like to make a x32 version too, any help on this?

well i can’t edit my posts so i guess i’ll be spamming threads every time i get to make a new build, i’m assuming is 64 bit only since i couldn’t use 32bit Kits to compile it


Pencil2d 64bit - Nightly Build - Nov/07/2015


it has the fixes that feeef submited to the main branch, i think ill be making builds from feeef’s git too, remember, it’s an unstable release and things can go wrong

Great news! t i can’t run it (win7-64). Looks like it is a Qt problem. Since i am zero in coding, I can’t fix it :slight_smile:
Anyway thank you for doing this! windows builds are very appreciated!

does it show you some error output? i’m using Windows 8.1 x64, it runs, and since it’s a compiled application doesn’t depend on qt, it may be a .dll missing

i have this error window at start:
"This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “windows”. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."
i’m using Windows7-x64

give this one a try, both should run and feeef’s branch has some fixes already, let me know if you still have problems:

Pencil2D 64bit - Main Branch – Nightly Build – Nov/09/2015


Pencil2D 64bit - Feeef Branch - Nightly Build – Nov/09/2015

i would be most thankful if you can test both since both could be having the same problem

Thanks @Mr.Studio , but i have the same problem for both builds. :frowning:

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Here the same issue in both builds, One is asking for the Qt application to be installed. The other says it fails to start.


I am using Win8x64bits

kay, let me see what is going on

i think i got it now, i’ll be releasing again the packages later (still compiling) it seems that while i compiled the program in QT5 the current old packages are compiled under other version, as just to discard this theory i’ll be compiling both branches again, still need help testing this because i currently have no friends who can help me with this

No problem @ @5tudi0, here we’ll be your online-friends-testing-builds! :slight_smile:

AND, if everything is working fine, and pencil2d is stable, and has no more bugs, and has a beautiful working time-line, and a splendour fill bitmap/vector tool, and a nice drawing-natural line… if this all OK tan you should consider to run for President

(just a joke, no offence intended :slight_smile: )

@kaiko alright, build is ready, i actually built the file with a different version of QT, asked me for different libraries this time, anyway if it keeps asking for missing libs or messages let me know

this is feeef’s branch, only built this one since it’s the most active as of late

quick update, after a brief mini-dump i got the missing dependencies the program seems to ask for, hopefully none of these will need to be manually placed at system32 which is never a good thing, i’m afraid that if this last build won’t run in your x64 machine you will have to download QT5 on your pc, as always let me know the results

once this is sorted out i’m moving to make x86 packages, i feel these are much needed to start promoting Pencil2D properly to a wider comunity, pretty sure once we get them running also people will start making stuff with it


The same error again.

i just don’t get it, i added all the libraries needed, gotta look again lter, is 3:25 am and i’m feeling quite sleepy now, i really need to know what kind of error re you having because i don’t know where else to look at, provably mess with library paths and links

Does this build do anything for the sound stuttering (sound loads, but repeats in sections and stutters) Anyone else have this issue? I’m running 0.5.4 October 2013 build on Windows 7 64 bit.

@nekogaijin , this is known issue with sound. I can’t run this build but i am pretty sure it is not fixed yet. I am using v0.5.4 Dec9 2013 build. I can run feeef’s build from Jun29 2015, but can’t draw there normally. @Mr.Studio ,this is the popup that appears , not sure this is informative for you, just tell me what information do you need. error

No, I do not get a popup. The sound loads into the app just fine. However when I play it there is a problem. In the same exact places it repeats/stutters … as in the section is heard twice. I was hoping it was fixed. Thanks.

@nekogaijin no i’m afraid the sound is still buggy aswell as the export modules, feeef is working one step at the time since most of the program was left barely functional, are you testing the packages i’m making, do you get any sort of message?


@sfepa i suspect is indeed because library paths, while i included the potentially missing libraries does not mean the exe is using them properly, do not download qt please i want to see if we can get this fixed as to not point extra downloads to these packages