Pencil2d Windows Packages

@5tudi0, I was not able to run Pencil2D with any of your builds. I experienced the same windows-errors as @sfepa did.




@kaiko @sfepa @nekogaijin

I just found out how you can get the app running.

Just make a folder named platforms in the directory where the Pencil2D.exe is and put qwindows.dll inside it (qwindows.dll is in the same folder as Pencil2D.exe.)

@manu , i tried this earlier but i took this dll from other version. didn’t mentioned that it is in root folder! It worked now!

@manu, I am not sure how did you manage to get it working (I am not a programmer anyway), but it is working now!.. and thank you for helping @5tudi0 to get it right

I also tried to build once again the PencilMastercode from @chchwy (Github Repository) and it finally worked!.. So I presume it is the same Pencil from both of you

I had this same problem earlier, I fixed it by running the windeployqt.exe and pointing that to the newly created Pencil2D exe

in cmd:

C:\Qt\Qt5.5.1\5.5(compiler version)\bin\windeployqt.exe C:\directory-to-exe

Also I am able to compile 32bit versions, if anyone is intrested you can download it here:




I made two slight alterations which were the axis transparrency, and a qBounds around the pressure sensitivity for the pencil.