Pencil2D. Shortcuts for new features and "hidden" features

[UPDATED: 20Dec2015]

Shortcuts in Pencil2D

[LMB stands for Left Mouse Button. RMB stands for Right Mouse Button]

NEW ADDITIONS: Timeline features: -To select/deselect a single frame (LMB) -To select a range of frames (Shift + LMB). It needs to be improved (buggy) -To select/deselect individual frames (Ctrl +LMB) -To select a frame and all the frames after it (Alt + LMB) -To box select (Alt +LMB)” -To move a single frame (LMB Selected + Drag) -To move a frame and all the frames at its right (Alt + LMB +Drag) -Implementation of relative/absolute Onion Skin functionality (allowing matching frames or keyframes) (Apparently the feature “To box select (Alt +LMB)” is similar to the “To select a range of frames (Shift + LMB)” Features already presented and some improvements: – Fast HandTool (keep pressing SpaceBar). Shortcut (H) works as a fix Hand (Improved) – Dynamic Control Size (Shift + Drag Left/Right) – Fast Eyedropper (Alt). Shortcut (I) works as a fix Eyedropper – Rotate whiting a selection (CTRL + Drag Left/Right): Left rotate anticlockwise, right rotate clockwise. The Movetool(Q) should be selected before applying this hotkey (Improved) – Smudge Hard (A). For creating colouring effects similar to oil painting. Bitmap only – Smudge Smooth (keep pressing Alt). The Smudge-tool (A) should be selected before applying this hotkey – Added Alpha Channel to colour palette

User Interface: – New graphic Colour Wheel – Grid Panel Display (G) – Coloured Onion-Skin capability (blue, red). Basically can be used for making a differentiation between “previous frames” and “next frames” (Improved)

“Hidden” features: (shortcuts not presented on the standard Shortcut´ List) – Dynamic Zoom In/Out (Ctrl+ Spacebar + Drag Up/Down) (Improved)

The standard Shortcut list can be found in: Edit -> Preferences -> Shortcuts.

Note from previous updates: The following shortcuts are not working at the moment or are buggy. Fast Eraser (Ctrl + Shift) Dynamic Accurate Control Size (Shift +Alt + Drag Left/Right). It allows controlling decimal values Fast Eraser (Ctrl + Shift) Pop-up Colour Palette (C) Rotate Layers’ content (Alt + RMB + Drag)

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I almost forgot to add the shortcuts for the zoom feature.

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