Pencil2D: Keyboard Shortcuts

[UPDATED: 20Dec2015]
Shortcuts in Pencil2D
[LMB stands for Left Mouse Button. RMB stands for Right Mouse Button]


Timeline features:
-To select/deselect a single frame (LMB)
-To select a range of frames (Shift + LMB). It needs to be improved (buggy)
-To select/deselect individual frames (Ctrl +LMB)
-To select a frame and all the frames after it (Alt + LMB)
-To box select (Alt +LMB)”
-To move a single frame (LMB Selected + Drag)
-To move a frame and all the frames at its right (Alt + LMB +Drag)
-Implementation of relative/absolute Onion Skin functionality (allowing matching frames or keyframes)
(Apparently the feature “To box select (Alt +LMB)” is similar to the “To select a range of frames (Shift + LMB)”

Features already presented and some improvements:

– Fast HandTool (keep pressing SpaceBar). Shortcut (H) works as a fix Hand (Improved)

– Dynamic Control Size (Shift + Drag Left/Right)

– Fast Eyedropper (Alt). Shortcut (I) works as a fix Eyedropper

– Rotate whiting a selection (CTRL + Drag Left/Right): Left rotate anticlockwise, right rotate clockwise. The Movetool(Q) should be selected before applying this hotkey (Improved)

– Smudge Hard (A). For creating colouring effects similar to oil painting. Bitmap only
– Smudge Smooth (keep pressing Alt). The Smudge-tool (A) should be selected before applying this hotkey

– Added Alpha Channel to colour palette

User Interface:
– New graphic Colour Wheel
– Grid Panel Display (G)
– Coloured Onion-Skin capability (blue, red). Basically can be used for making a differentiation between “previous frames” and “next frames” (Improved)

“Hidden” features:
(shortcuts not presented on the standard Shortcut´ List)
– Dynamic Zoom In/Out (Ctrl+ Spacebar + Drag Up/Down) (Improved)

The standard Shortcut list can be found in: Edit -> Preferences -> Shortcuts.

Note from previous updates:
The following shortcuts are not working at the moment or are buggy.
-Fast Eraser (Ctrl + Shift)
-Dynamic Accurate Control Size (Shift +Alt + Drag Left/Right). It allows controlling decimal values
-Fast Eraser (Ctrl + Shift)
-Pop-up Colour Palette ©
-Rotate Layers’ content (Alt + RMB + Drag)

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I have updated Pencil2D Google+’ page.
I upload all the new videos and still images from here, but there were some of the videos that I was not able to upload (built-in browser)
Any suggestion to do that?

Congratulations everybody. Pencil2d is now running into the right direction!

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Resume: update from Pencil2D Google+'s page

Pencil2D page has
. 89.427 visualizations
. 81 short animation videos
. 15 still images done with Pencil2D
. One (1) new follower (this month) meaning a decrease of 75% of new users)
. 1.550 new visualizations (last 30 days) meaning an increase of 26% compared to the last month
. Added two (2) new Collections: VIDEOS and PICTURES, in which I uploaded all its present content

[Google+ layout/theme has been updated lately.
So far I am having difficulties in adding videos and images from the same user in order to be editable for adding more items on the future. For that reason I added the two Collections (video/pictures) thinking that it will help me to manage each user from there as a single file, but I was wrong.
All I can see is that all the videos that I have uploaded today (about 81) there are all mixed with each other despite I have had the precaution of uploading videos of the same user in a single post…

Oh, I think I will just need a bit of a rest right now, I guess ;)]

Any tips or help related to what I have written here will be very appreciated.

Good animations to everyone

I am now a follower on google+! :wink:


By the way, about the Insights of the last 30 days in Pencil2D, the numbers given above just increased a lot, of course that was supposed to be obvious

Visualizations were: 28400 (1000% increment)
New Followers: 8 (300% increment)
[I am not sure what a “New Follower” really means since I got confused by that since we have the same 241 followers of the last month]

A great number of those visualizations where oriented to the Video animation section


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I will take some time to prepare the new list. So, after that I will be back to you and will sent you the new shortcuts’s list