Ooops, Something went wrong. Saving error

I’m trying to make a GIF for myself, it is exactly 21 frames long, and it won’t save. Help?

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What is the error ( if there is one ) telling you?

there is not an error

I see. What indicates this saving failure? Is it not showing up in the directory you input into the prompt?

@F3ARMations Hi. There might be a few potential issues when saving. Please try the following:


Note: Do not save on a one drive or google drive file folder. Try saving to your desktop or documents folder first when troubleshooting

  1. Please make sure you are not SAVING (File > Save As..) but rather EXPORTING (File > Export > Animated GIF)
  2. If you were already using that feature please move to the next case.


  1. If you go to File > Export > Animated GIF do you see an address bar left of the [browse] button?
  2. If you see the address bar, can you confirm if the generated name has a .gif format appended. The example would be similar to this:


Make sure that the End Frame is exactly the same as the last frame you want to show. Also make sure you enable the Loop option otherwise it will play once and stop.

If after this and pressing OK you still can’t get your file exported then…

Case C

  1. Navigate to the Pencil2D folder you extracted after downloading the program
  2. Search for the plugins folder
  3. Verify there’s a file called ffmpeg. This is the program that creates the GIF’s.
  4. If not please redownload Pencil2D and if you’re using Windows please follow the Unblock procedure along other tips described in the following guide:

Let us know how it goes.

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