One by Wacom Creative Pad Compatibility

Hello there! I am new here, as you may have already seen. I am looking to see if my One by Wacom Creative Pad is compatible with Pencil2D or not. I have tried, but the pen keeps scribbling while I hover it over the pad to change positions.

P.S. Can you make comics with this thing?

@Joe_Reuben_Cartoons Hi. Welcome to the forum.

Pencil2D should work with any modern graphics or screen tablet. Under windows you still have to configure Windows Ink due to an arbitrary decision on Microsoft’s end, but this affects every other software out there (even Adobe Photoshop)

Please refer to the following guide to help you configure Windows Ink for a more pleasant drawing experience.

Additionally make sure to set the “Stabilizer” feature in Pencil2D to None since Wacom One tablets have been known to sometimes come as a refurbished piece, so from experience they tend to be a bit more sensitive when sending digital signals to the computer. This will lead to unwanted noise in your strokes.

Comic drawing

P.S. Can you make comics with this thing?

Pencil2D is aimed explicitly towards hand drawn animation with digital tools, however while it’s not the intended use, it could be possible to create simple comics with it.

It may be viable to use a single frame as an individual page, using layers to setup Page templates for the paneling, then export each frame as an individual PNG image. As a tradeoff you may have to adjust the camera size to an approximate pixel dimension that reflect your expected print measurements since Pencil2D only works with pixels, so you’d need an extra app like GIMP or KRITA to finish the job.

That said I personally consider that it’s best to use the right tool for the right job. There are many necessary or convenient tools and services that do not exist in Pencil2D to create comics.

If you want a free comic making software I can recommend you to try Medibang Paint which has dedicated tools for drawing and creating panel divisions to easily layout a given page as well as drawing aids such as on screen rulers. It’s completely free.

They even have an asset market to get lots of free assets such as screen tones and other graphic elements (e.g balloons, backgrounds, textures, etc), plus there’s also a mobile device version.

It is a Japanese software, but it’s fully translated to English, so hopefully you won’t be put off by the landing page “animesque” graphics, the software itself is not geared towards a specific style of drawing, so you can draw cartoons or comic strips if you wanted to.

There’s also Krita which is open source. It’s meant as an illustration / painting app, but it has several convenience features that can help you create comics quickly.

This is a really old tutorial that explains how you could use the software for paneling from beginning to end a single comic page. While the software has evolved a lot, the common workflows are still the same.

This is a sort of extra page I found which has some FAQ and extra videos on the topic (while using Krita)

Hope that helps.

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It sure does, though I’ll need to figure some more stuff out. Thanks!

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