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Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve used this site but one thing I’ve noticed is that there hasn’t been any new versions of Pencil 2d in 2 years. I understand if the development is on hiatus as of right now but hopefully there will be new versions for download and use in the future. Have a good day!

Welcome back! Even though there are no new “full release” versions yet, there ARE Nightly Builds you can try; but those are a bit unstable at times…

I’m sure you might have known this already. Thanks for coming back!


Thanks for letting me know the current status of the software! I really like it as always, except when there are problems that could be resolved, of course.

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@JoeyH Thank you Joey! I couldn’t have answered better @JacobZeier1992 Jacob’s query.

In turn I’d like to be open about the state of the software to avoid issues with future visitors:

Just so everyone knowns, truth is, there’s been a lot of things that required careful exploration and fixing since v0.6.6. A few months after we shipped the release we noticed various recurrent problems that required several pre-requisite steps to fix them.

Aside from that there’s been new wave of features which were being worked since literal years before and only until now they were managed to be completed, reviewed & implemented (and all those processes always take their own time frame).

Many of us, particularly devs have had difficulties finding enough time to spare throughout the past few years, particularly due to the pandemic. I personally had to dedicate myself to find enough jobs to sustain my family and could barely assist in the forum or beta testing the software.

Thankfully contributors and developers have been able to kindly donate their time and effort into improving the app little by little despite any restriction they had.

That said these positive additions to the app don’t come without baggage, and have unfortunately brought their own set of issues that have required even more time to fix since they highlighted critical problems that had not been found until recently.

I’m not talking about minor things but rather there are a lot of big changes:

  • Improving the timeline actions (adding frame exposure commands)
  • copy/pasting/erasing multiple frames
  • Individual frame & layer opacity
  • Rewritten camera system with improved camera handling and document view separation
  • improved motion tweens for camera
  • camera motion path
  • improved fill computations, expand fill algorithm to fill anti-aliased images, and fill tool blend modes (just a few)
  • you can now fill target layers based on a reference layer (i.e use a lineart layer as reference, fill other layers based on that)
  • adding new toolbars for screen tablet users
  • improving sound issues (and there’s still more that have been reported!)
  • reposition frame content across several frames (it’s a bit quirky at first but the foundation is there, now you can finally reposition multiple drawings at a time instead of moving them one by one)
  • foundational work for one, two & three point perspective overlays (it’s only the visual aid, no snapping yet sorry)
  • plenty of core source code fixes so the app doesn’t crash (really you have no Idea how many crash inducing issues they have fixed, and yet more of these corner cases await)
  • plenty of source code structural improvements
  • … and many more I’m sure I missed since I’m not counting bug fixing!

But even despite the improvements, there’s a lot…and I mean A LOT of missing (and probably undiscovered) bugs that can potentially break anyone’s workflow or project.

Such instability is not appreciated nor desired by the Pencil2D team, so a new “stable” release will only come once these critical bugs have been ironed enough.

Edit: 16/12/2023 Corrected statement about camera improvements. For more info read CandyFace’s reply below or read this thread: Camera Transform Testing Branch


Good to know! Thanks for the update! :slightly_smiling_face:

“Improved camera handling” is selling it short :sweat_smile: but I know that you don’t have time to write a novelle for each point :laughing: therefore I will fill in some additional details

It’s basically a reworked camera system, making the camera object based, allowing you to adjust and move scale or rotate it with ease. It also includes the ability to set easing between keyframes, which is also a completely new feature. Additionally as you can also see in this quickly put together gif, you can also adjust the curves themselves, allowing you greater control than ever before.


Another reworked system is the select/move tool, which now tool visually shows rotations as well as allowing you to transform object properly, except for skewing for now.

While we still don’t have a date for the next release, I’d encourage you to try out the nightly builds Jacob, in order to get a feel for what’s coming :slight_smile:


@CandyFace Sorry didn’t mean to undermine the work you guys did. I wrote the reply pretty late for me and didn’t have time to search for another thread where we already explained this in “exquisite” detail. For now I simply added a disclaimer and a link to the new camera test branch thread.

As always thank you for all the work you’ve been doing to push the software forward :bowing_man:

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