NO SOUND Everytime I export my Video!

Every time I export my video it has no sound. I have the newest version of 2DPencil. Please I need help.

@CrystalWeebBoy Hi. This is very strange it has been working for most users we’ve interacted with lately.

A few questions:

  1. What operating system are you using? is it Windows 10 by any chance? or is it macOS Catalina?
  2. Did the sounds work in the editor playback?
  3. Does it work if you try to export as AVI or WEBM? were you only testing MP4?

Meanwhile we investigate this try exporting the video and then adding the sound separately using a video editor:

Free / Open-Source Video Editors Open-Source


Lastly, if you can, please share the file you’re trying to export with us so our devs can review if the file has a particular problem. You can upload the file to any cloud storage platform you use (e.g google drive, dropbox, , etc) and share the file with use later.

Edit: If you share the file as well I’ll try exporting it for you and sharing the final animation. If I find an issue with the sound myself I can hopefully ask the devs for assistance to fix the problem faster.

I use Windows 10
Yes I can hear the sound perfectly during playback
I don’t know how to export to mp4, I just click the “Movie” Tab
Here is the file
The video without sound and the file](

@CrystalWeebBoy Hey. Thank you for taking the time to answer. For you to be able to share the file you need to right click the actual file on google drive and select the “shareable link” option and make sure you set the permissions to “anyone with the link”

Tale a look at this guide for further info.

Also Windows 10 has been giving everyone a bit of trouble due to a permissions problem, so when you have time pelase read this guide we prepared. It will help you with every software, including Pencil2D as those are general tips to help ease the security protocols.

I changed it so you can use it.

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@CrystalWeebBoy You export to MP4 by default. When you go to File > Export > Movie, you have to click on the [Browse] button, give it a name, and below the name field, there’s a “type” field, there you can select from a dropdown list the type of file (MP4, AVI, WEBM, APNG, etc)

For now, I managed to export the movie, but I also noticed a few things. The FPS is too low for any video to register the motion properly, so most video players will not get the motion right (Quicktime does, but VLC doesn’t in my case, so probably Media Player won’t either)

The sound is exporting on Windows 7, so it’s possible Windows 10 security protocol is blocking the sound plugin or that you don’t have the appropriate codecs to reproduce the MP4. Try again using AVI.

If you want to upload it to youtube, though, you need to increase the FPS to at least 24fps as mentioned here

If you increase the FPS in your current file, the character will go super fast, so to get the speed of his movements to how it looks right now, you have to space the keyframes apart form each other.

You can space them quickly by pressing and holding the ALT key and clicking and dragging one keyframe, this will move all the keyframes to the right of the one you’re moving.

Right now you’re using 5fps, so if you go for a target fps of 25, you would need a distance between frames of about 5x, that means every 5 frames like this (you start counting from the next one, so from 1 you go to 6, from 6 to 11, and so forth):

Here’s the modified version to show what i’m talking about
MyAnimation_sound_issue_test.pclx (2.2 MB)

Here’s a link to the videos, one for MP4 and one for AVI, let me know which one works.

Thank you so much! I will duplicate each frame 5 times like you said and hopefully it works!

Okay so I have done everything you have said but there is still no sound.
I’ve downloaded as a mp4 and AVI still no sound.

@CrystalWeebBoy Ok now that’s weird, I do have sound for the videos I shared. I’m pretty confident then that you’re missing at least some audio codecs then. But not reproducing AVI is what worries me the most, as that thing works literally everywhere.

I’ll post the video here to see if you can hear it via the browser.

That video is the same MP4 I put on the ZIP, and it has sound. If you still can’t hear it, you need to try and find some codecs then. Maybe downloading VLC will let you have more audio stuff.

Yes, I can hear the video through my browser

@CrystalWeebBoy Make sure though that your sound mixer does not have the video players, browser or any other software that’s open “muted” take a look at how to check on that here:

While this guide helps muting, the process is exactly the same to “unmute”

Yes I have all my apps turned up. Still no sound from either of the videos but I can still hear the video you sent me.

I have saved the video and I am uploading the clip that you sent me.
But I want to use this program for more animations and I would like to try and figure out how to fix this problem for the future.

@CrystalWeebBoy Quite worrysome, other people with windows 10 don’t have sound export issues, but some of them did. Honestly I’m not sure what to do in these cases, and so far our devs (which some have windows10) have not found conclusive evidence as to why this happens.

I’ll probably be able to test this following next week on a windows 10 machine, but if it works then I can only blame this on either missing audio codecs, a problem with the sound card / chipset, a problem with the audio drivers or something even more specific that is happening to your system and is unknown to you currently.

I’ll ask around and review how we can tackle this problem, but in the meantime if you need an urgent solution to create more animation projects, I’ll leave here a list of alternative animation software you can try instead of Pencil2D meanwhile we solve this problem along the developers.

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