Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are the bleeding edge versions of Pencil2D, which contains the most recent fixes and features.

Windows: Download Pencil2D 0.5.4b and overwrite the Pencil.exe with the nightly build Pencil.exe

Mac OS X: Just download it here.

December 9 2013

  1. Importing animated image formats using. (by czxcjx)
  2. Fix polyline tool doesn't memorize last size used. (by czxcjx)
November 26 2013
  1. Jagged strokes fix: added a subtle anti-shaking.
  2. Dynamic cursor enhancement. Now, cursor size and feather adjustments skip decimals: i.e. 1.0 2.0 3.0... To use decimals, combine [shift] or [ctrl] with the [alt] key.
  3. dynamic cursor scaled according to zoom.
  4. Fixed pencil color problem.
  5. Smudge operation corrected.
  6. Not the default selected layer is the last one (camera layer).
October 14 2013
  1. Bitmap smudge tool improvement. (by Cirus)
  2. Pressing ALT key for smudge liquify mode.
  3. More natural tablet pressure, more natural pencil stroke.
  4. Fixed view panning from SPACE shortcut.
  5. Timeline: layers are now ordered from bottom to top.
  6. Introduce crop reference.
  7. Added 2 toggle buttons to select the 2 types of grid.
  8. Introducing zipped file format .pclx (by Shoshon)
  9. Fixed movie export on Windows.
September 17 2013
  1. Bitmap smudge alpha fix & some updates. (by Cirus)
September 2 2013
  1. New bitmap smudge tool. (by Cirus)
  2. Enable tablet high resolution.
  3. Press 'C' to popup color wheel. (by Cirus)
  4. Tablet in relative mode is now drawing correctly. (by Cirus)
August 8 2013
  1. Fixed disappeared tool cursor.
August 6 2013
  1. Introduce a new color wheel.
  2. Remove duplicated CLEAR in menu.
  3. Fixed eyedropper in Bitmap Layer.
August 4 2013
  1. Fixed black screen issue when feather resizing. (by Cirus)
  2. Eraser has feather value now. (by Cirus)
August 2 2013
  1. ALT key to pick a color by eyedropper. (by Cirus)
  2. Fix custom keyboard shortcuts. (by Matt)
  3. Fix the tool cursor disappearing after interactive resizing. (by Manuel)
  4. Pen size is no more be reset to 2 after switching tool. (by Manuel)
July 31 2013
  1. Fixed Pressure Sensivity. (by feeef)
  2. Show resize circle when resizing pen, pencil and brush. (by Cirus)
July 30 2013
  1. Recent files list is back.
  2. Shortcuts < , > for previous keyframe and next keyframe.
  3. Fix jitteriness of move tool by fixing the reference point.
  4. Switch back to select when clicking outside of move.
  5. Disable event coalescing only on drawing strokes.
  6. Ask for a layer name when creating a new layer.
  7. Ask for color name after creating a new color.
  8. Misc bug fixes. (most by Maneul)
July 25 2013
  1. CTRL+SHIFT applies brush size to the eraser and temporarily selects it. (by Cirus)
  2. "WYSIWYG" tool adjustment is now more precise. (by Cirus)
  3. Tool reset added to menu->tools. Prevents from persistent crashes caused by corrupted settings file . (by Cirus)
  4. The pencil tool cursor now displayed correctly when the program starts. (by Matt)
  5. Fix the inconsistent case of preference file name. (by Matt)
  6. Add icons for eyedropper and smudge tool. (by Manuel)
  7. Use png as default format if the filename chosen for export has no suffix.
  8. ScribbleArea code refactoring. (by Manuel)
  9. Smoother brush stroke for Mac OS X. (by Manuel)
July 17 2013
  1. Enhance interactive resizing, now it's based on current brush size, mouse drags left to decrease brush size, drag right to increase the size. (by Cirus)
  2. CTRL + Mouse Drag to change brush FEATHER. (by Cirus)
  3. Remove duplicated shortcuts Ctrl+R, Ctrl+H in default setting.
  4. New document is more stable now.
  5. Fix Image (sequence) importing issue. (by Cirus)
July 15 2013
  1. Fix the crash problem during file saving/loading.
  2. Interactive brush resizing by SHIFT + Mouse Drag.
  3. Custom keyboard shortcuts (Edit->Preferences->Shoftcuts)


You are a genius :slight_smile:

(testing now)

@Kaiko, thanks for your testing.

If you meet any saving issue again (crash, corrupted project file, etc…), tell me immediately.

Here again :slight_smile:

Last bleeding version

I must say that your interactive brush resizing is a great, GREAT addition!
Here an obvious strange behaviour.
When resizing let us say to 50% (100 on the scale), the brush keeps its size while working on the drawing panel. As soon as I press SHIFT the size goes down to 0% and if you were initially intending to diminish its size going to LEFT, it will instead INCREASE its size and there is no decrease size, unless you drag the mouse slowly to the right

Same issue here, built on linux from latest source…i can’t seem to control how the brush is resized. It’s a great idea that just needs some tweaking. If we’re using Shift+drag to adjust size, would it be possible to Shift+Alt(or Ctrl)+drag to change the softness?

And while i’m making brush suggestions, opacity would be a handy thing to have at some point in the future too =o)

well, to be honest, a combination of size, softness, opacity, and blend/smudge is typically all i ever use when drawing digitally, even when more advanced brushes are available. I’m not sure how simple a smudge would be to implement into Pencil, though…that one is mostly just wishful thinking for someday, eventually.

Anyway…to try staying on topic, just read the first sentence =o)


The ERASER-tool dynamic resizing, is acting the same way @Matt

"well, to be honest, a combination of size, softness, opacity, and blend/smudge is typically all i ever use when drawing digitally"
I was going to say that.

Still there is no “blend/smudge” tool yet implemented, but it would give to an artist that little touch of nicelly-done-paint

Thanks guys, your opinion is very important to me. Brush resizing will become better in the next few days.


“…As soon as I press SHIFT the size goes down to 0%…”

Should be: As soon as I press SHIFT and tab the pen the size goes down to 0%

Nightly build July 17 2013 is out.

So far so good @Matt!

(I am glad to know that the dev team has just grown :slight_smile: )

I will tell you later at night, if no sooner, if i find any bug or issue (Today I just checked that you dev team were just crazy !!!.. so many improvements from the previous build that I just think Pencil2D is ALREADY a winner.


Just one person was needed to move around our world into one idea: Pencil2D

So @Matt,
Tell me something. With this nightly build, there is no need to use the QtCreator as in your first code source?
Confused :slight_smile:

The Dynamic resizing tool applied to the drawing tools is working now as it should be. Nevertheless I would like to ask the dev team one thing.

Is it possible to do an enhancement on this? I mean, pressing SHIFT and dragging the cursor is working just fine, really improved from the last build, and when the value on the slide Size bar reach around “10”, the changes are so sensible at the cursor movement that it has to be done really slow to reach a define number between 0 and 10. From 10 to 200 on the slide bar, the cursor gets better movements accordantly to the drag movement.
Just a fine tuning :slight_smile:

Just an idea

I agree, your idea is in my todo list.

Thanks for remembering me that, @Kaiko!

I am not able to build Pencil any more. The empty window is not there but I got an error on Qt Creator: "unrecognised command line option ‘-std=c++11’ "

(About the building package: I am thinking that a piece of information is missing in the (Wiki) guide step-by-step for compiling Pencil. I felt like there is a point when we need to restart our computers in order to get everything running. I done this yesterday and worked. Hope this makes sense)

Oh thank you @Cirus !

Hey @kaiko,

We made changes in source code, but got some troubles that compile will failed with MinGW. We’ll correct it as soon as possible.


You can pick latest working source code from my fork here:



Nightly build July 25 2013 is out.


You have done a VERY NICE JOB ! :slight_smile:
I am pleased to be here and help you (hope so) to discover issues and bugs… You all definitively deserve our help for all the work you have already done.

I have found some issues, and would like to make some suggestions. I will post them separately.

(the SAVE bug function was the most welcome fix of all… and while testing Pencil it only crashed twice during several save actions…)