My lines are glitching

Whenever I first turn on Pencil2D, it works normal. But then after about a minute of using it, my lines start to glitch. When I first draw them, they appear in this weird, big pixel way. After a second the line turns back to normal, but I can’t draw the next line until it’s done. It loads quickly, but it’s super annoying, especially when I have sketchy art. Also, every 1 out of three lines suddenly extends another straight line in a random direction, and that is also super annoying. I’ll send a screenshot of the pixel line problem, first.

@CreativeUsername Can you try using the latest version of the software and see if this improves or worsens your experience? Just download it from the official website at

Don’t delete the version you’re currently using so you can have a base for comparison (you can have multiple Pencil2D version in your computer, since they are not installed but are portable)

The new version has a small issue with the layout so you probably need to follow the following advice (video included) to stack panels in order to avoid their contents getting weirdly displayed (devs are already looking for a fix)

If you can’t see the video there follow this link:

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