My file is corrupt

I’m on an old Mac and I went to open my file. It said somethin like “Pencil cannot read this file. If you want to import images, use the command import.” I looked at other forums and it says its corrupt and I can’t fix it. Just a report of a bug.

@shanegutsss Thank you for your report. If you can please share the corrupt file itself so the developers can review the file. If you want to as well, we can try to recover whatever still exists in the file itself, though in these cases the probability of success varies.

If this issue has happened before and you wish to prevent this behavior as much as possible please also read the following guide: Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide

The temporary files section in regarding macOS the guide is a bit outdated but one of the devs mentioned the following:

My temporary directory is not in ~/Library/Caches , it’s in /var/folders/* /* /T /.

I would recommend going to /var/folders/ and then just searching for Pencil2D (temporary folder) within that folder, because the exact path can be hard to find.

The upcoming version will have partial fixes for this problem, but this stems from security permissions limitations imposed by the OS ever since GateKeeper was introduced (10.9.5) so you might need to look into your System security settings.

Edit: Please review this guide in case you need further assistance on how to deal with your macOS security settings for unsigned apps (which are not downloaded from the app store)

I will send you the file as soon as I can add attachments.

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Thanks for responding! The website isn’t letting me upload the file. Is that normal?

@Elliebellie Hi. You can only upload image files and pclx files by dragging and dropping on a new comment when you’re replying, but there’s a size limit,which is why I suggested you use a file storage platform to share the file.

Please let’s continue your support on the appropriate thread: Can't Open File (Corrupted)

And make sure to read the guides I provided there.

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