my animation classes

I have started animation classes in June. I tried to study animation by myself with books and video tutorials, but it is not very effective without professionals comments, so the online classes is the only way to do that for me.
Since i decided to use Pencil2d for doing my homework i will post the results here. Maybe it is not very interesting for majority, but we can use this video to promote this app…

The ‘Squirrel’ was the first task. I made a compilation from all steps.

This is a great idea to use Pencil2D for your “homework”.
Please keep sharing it with us ! You may even credit Pencil2D in the title or description… :slight_smile:

What is the classes you started ? I’m curious about it.

Your animation is quite cool.
If I can say something, I think you overanimate the tail a little; and you could have animated the “anchor point” of the tail up and down, to give some more dynamics to it.

Another good idea to use Pencil2D would be to make the loopdeloop challenges !

I’m glad you like it. The main idea was to understand how overlapping works, how the C curve transforms into S curve . My very first sketches were way less plastic. :slight_smile:
It is online animation school from Moscow. ( - everything is in russian there :slight_smile: ). There are no 2D classes in my country(!)

Great tail, @stepa.

Take a course is a good idea to have work organized. I am sure that you is going to improve yourself very fast.

@sfepa Hey Sfepa, it always give me joy that people begin their own journey to learn and make animation, congratulations on your course! I have to agree with you, one can study and practice as much as one can, but in the end to advance to the next level one needs a mentor, someone with a vast superior experience in the chosen field of expertise.

I would like to ask you now, i know absolutely no russian, but how much does that animation course costs? i’m looking at my options because i too would like a boost in my animation skills and i’ve been considering seeking mentorship :slight_smile: and sadly 2D drawn animation is not taught here in my country either. I wouldn’t mind learning russian if that is what it takes! Let us know about your progress and hopefully show us your homeworks, i’m sure they will get better with time and practice :slight_smile:

On the excercise side, i have always really liked the bouncing ball with tail, it helps to practice many principles of animation like squash/stretch, overlapping action /follow through, weight, and many more. Keep up with the good work and practice! :slight_smile:

Thank you Jose, i have started that squirrel couple of times and was always satisfied with the result, but now mentor pointed my mistakes and i see that the squirrel is much more interesting.
The course is not intensive - once a week, it lasts 12 months, 150$/month. I don’t live in russia, but russian is my first language and this is the best solution i could afford.
The next task was a Jumping snowman. There was also a bending straw, but i am still working on it. I will be posting here finished work only.

hello there,

your animations are very cute, hope we will hear from you with more work :wink:

so far I only made sort of motion comics - but pencil is definitely not the best solution for such a work…

btw, how many frames per second do you use in your animations?

The task i have recently finished, i hope so :slight_smile:

I am working on another task, but this one had to be done.

Long time since last post here, but i had a lot of work to do. I even had not enough time to make inking for the tasks i have done already in pencil.

I’m really enjoying this thread. Thanks for sharing your progress with us

I will only show essential steps because there were too many revisions from the beginning.

trying to eliminate debt

Lovley animations as usual, sfepa. I like them very much and they’re very inspiring.

Thank you, Manu!

Lipsink exercise.

Long time since my last post here, but i am working on my final project at school. I was sketching and planning last month.So this is what i have for now. It is done in Krita and Blender, but the animation i will do in Pencil. I’ll share the progress here, hope it will be interesting to you.

First animation, lady mosh :slight_smile: I am satisfied with her movements for now. The guy is on he queue.

Major update. The guy is moving now too.
Well, this part is mostly done, now i need details.

That’s coming along nicely. Keep up the good job and keep us updated, it believe will be super nice once it’s ready.