my animation classes

Thanks @manu !

Thanks for the update it looks very professional. It will be fun to watch the final version.

If I may ask, how do you go about putting all the pieces together with Pencil2D. Can you animate each character in different projects and afterwards easily put them together as one project, or do you do everything in the same project but on different layers for each moving object ?

What happens let’s say if you placed the jumping bowl a little off to one side and want to move it to the other side, can you move the whole layer with one click or do you have to go do it for each and every frame ?


Because of the characters do not interact i am doing them in separate projects. I just have base image with all the objects and characters placed, so i can see where each of them will be drown. Then i use blender3d to combine the sequences with the sound. At the beginning i was trying to use sound layer in Pencil2D , but refused this idea because of known issues. Now i use blender3d to define accents and mark them on timelane, and then transfer them on the Pencil2d timeline.
For the jumping objects i have separate project and each one is drown on its own layer. And i export each one separately to have possibility to adjust it in blender (wasn’t necessary so far :slight_smile: ), don’t know yet, maybe i’ll do them in one layer on inking stage.

Wow it´s amazing to watch your progress in, 1 year and a half (well I think you knew about animation before). However I found this really inspiring. Can you describe a little bit about how you studied online? I mean was it hard for you to do the course online, or it was natural, I can tell that you did pretty well, but I think it would be interesting to read more details about it, GREAT WORK

Very slowly, but i still move to the final. I almost see the light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:

Love it, it’s coming along fine. One step at at a time towards your goal. If animating wasn’t so time consuming :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment @bilapbabaluba . We had a webinar every Sunday so there was entire week to draw something, at the beginning it was easy enough (bouncing ball and snowman) and i was thinking, that the course should be a little more intensive, but after 2-3 months things started to go slower, because of everyday job and the tasks became more complicated. I also had to struggle with Pencil2d issues, but it was a challenge to make this project with opensource apps only and i think i can do it :slight_smile:

Thanks @manu, it is even harder now, the courses is over and i have o finish this thesis in my spare time, since there is no weekly meetings anymore i have to motivate myself, and i am doing it by sharing my work here with you.

I am almost there! The main elements are approved and i am starting to clean up the drawings . Not sure about coloring yet, will see.

Nicely done, I love it. :slight_smile:

one step closer, I need to polish it now)

Magnificent ! Keep it going.


well my friends, i need help !!! The animation is finally finished, but i really doubt about english translation of the title text. The text will be in russian and english, and have no problem with the first, but i am not sure if it is correct in english. tetle

@sfepa First of all congratulations on your graduation project! We’re glad to have seen all of your improvement over these past years :slight_smile:

The english text is correct, I mean I can understand it appropriately. Our best regards and hope to see more work from you, not necessarily with Pencil2D!

Finally! It is finished, approved and now i can show it to you!
Thanks to everyone here for your support.

Great animations characters and drawings! Congrats, and respect to you for all the energy you put in your project.

I just watched all your animations @sfepa. I love all of them, well done!

I loved to see the last animation’s evolution from the storyboard to the final result. It is great! Well done!

This kind of great work can help promote Pencil indeed! Anyway, it gives me more motivation to help making this software better and better!

Thank you @manu , thank you @feeef , i appreciate this! It was a very interesting adventure ))

We want to see more @sfepa ! :slight_smile:

I need verbal tutorials explanations baby steps