More brushes, including airbrush

When I have used Pencil 2D, I have noticed it is somewhat lacking in the brush department. On programs like Krita, there is a whole array of brushes to use, and on Procreate there is a whole array of brushes to use. I think it is wise to add more brushes, because depending on the complexity of one’s project, they should have more options. Especially airbrushing, and you should add functionality of detecting how much pressure is applied to the drawing tablet with the stylus. Airbrush is key in adding shadows, lighting effects, skin shades, etc.

@Jordan_River_Studios Pencil2D started as a simple app, and historically It was kept like that. There is effort being poured into changing the brush engine completely and replacing it with MyPaint’s brush system.

There’s even a development version where you can try this out. There you can create airbrush-like presets as well, so in that sense your request will be covered once it’s fully implemented.

If you have Windows and want to test this experimental version, please visit the dedicated thread in the forum (and check out the awesome art people have been posting already)

Oh nice! I appreciate the info :smiley:

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