I have a problem drawing a brush stroke

hi fellowanimators i have a problem and i hope you can help me solve it whenever i daw a brushstroke it always starts with a bump at the start like the line doesnt get straight ahead where iwant it to go it always starts with a bump or a trouble

i hope some one or one of the staff can help me thankyou for your time <3

A picture or, even better, a video of the problem would be very helpful.

Try using another drawing application (like photoshop) to see if this problem also happens there. If it does, then it might the mouse or the tablet’s fault.

Also, did you use the MyPaint branch?

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@welzey Hi. Once you’ve answered what Ralmon has kindly asked, can you also please confirm what is the brand and model of your pen tablet? Also please state your current Operating System as well.

After that just to make sure to preemptively check that your drivers are up to date (2022) and your tablet preferences / options panel are configured with adequate pressure sensitivity options.

Additionally if you’re using Windows 10 it is absolutely necessary to configure the Windows Ink feature in order to properly use a graphics tablet from any brand.

Below I’ll leave a Guide on how to configure windows ink where Wacom hardware is used as an example, but this should work for any brand and model since it’s a Windows configuration procedure.

Once all of that is done, please check in the Pencil2D Editor that the stabilizer function of your every drawing tool is set to None and not Strong nor Simple This feature is an input noise filter that has been found in very rare cases to enhance input signal jitter on some pen tablet models, particularly those that have been refurbished (including the Wacom One or CTL models).

Changing the setting should reduce common issues related to squiggly lines or involuntary blotches.

If you still can’t get it to work properly, let us know so we can consider other alternatives or suggestions.

Nah sometimes this happens to me too where I get a thick fat line or a bump occasionally whenever I’m drawing- though I just press ‘undo’ and continue on as I was. It’s a minor inconvenience.

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