I have a little probleme

Hello everybody. i have a probleme that i dont know how to turn my animation in a video so that i can play it whenever i want to. Just now, when i try to turn the file type into MP4 it just says: no! you cant do it that way. please i need answers thanks

Hi, gismo! Welcome!

It would help a little bit, if you can provide at least some informations about your installation. Which version do you use? Windows or Linux? Did you try out another output with the same results? Can you provide a screen shot?


If your computer runs Windows, then you install the Windows version, if your computer runs on Linux you install the Linux version.

Both operating systems support 32 or 64 bit processors. You need to find out if your computer is 32 or 64 bit system. The vast majority of modern computers use 64 bit. But 64 bit computers can run 32 bit software too.

If you install the 64 bit version and it doesn’t run, try install the 32 bit version. When you do the trial installation, do have any other software running! in case it causes a crash.

thanks i already fixed it

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