32-bit operating system support

It is a little bit offtopic here, but i think the 32 bit app is now obsolete and at the end of this year, we should stop to serv it. Every modern computer supports 64 bit software. There is absolutely no use in making them anymore.


Hi FraFraFraninstine

I one sence you are correct, but in other ways you are not. If you are using a PC, then Microsoft will tell you that 32 bit computers are obsolete!

My local public library, still runs 32 bit, Windows computers, running Windows 95. Many primary school also use simular machines, using obsolete versions of 32 bit Windows.

Nor everyone can afford to update, as often as Microsoft wish!

I mentioned 32 bit versions of Windows because I want to be inclusive.

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I understand what you mean, but there is no way, that a computer with a pentium 133 Mhz and 64 MB of RAM can run even the 32 bit version of Pencil2d. If they have 2 GB of RAM they can use Pencil with 64 bit. btw. computers with win98 should not be in the internet anymore, because it is highly insecure.

Raspberry Pi with 2GB of Ram → wine for old windows apps.


I’m not going to reply, to this thread anymore, because it’s going round in circles, achieving nothing!

No problem. If you want to use pencil, you just have to switch over to linux, which is 64 bit.

Save your important data on a CD or USB! Make as much backups as you want, before you switch over to ubuntu linux.


This is all very off-topic from the original post. I have moved this conversation to a separate topic in Miscellaneous. In the future, if you know something is off topic, please don’t derail a topic with it. Especially user support topics, as they are here looking for help/support.

Pencil2D provides legacy builds for versions of several operating systems that other programs would typically drop support for. While we don’t guarantee support ever, these builds tend to be less well supported, in part due the lower number of people using/testing them, and less ability for our developers to reproduce and fix issues with these versions. I personally manage most of these builds, and do so out of a desire to reduce e-waste and provide useful utility for ageing hardware. This same argument applies to the 32-bit Windows build, which is trivial for us to create currently. While desktop or laptop computers with 32-bit architectures are rare these days, support for running 32-bit applications is not, and it’s also not unheard of for people (often unwittingly) to be running a 32-bit operating system on their 64-bit capable computer, in which case only a 32-bit version of Penci2D would work. Up until very recently almost every operating system had a 32-bit release, including Windows 10, macOS Mojave, and many Linux distros.

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Sure there are still many users, which have only 32bit windows and they want to use it as long as possible, but the times of new 32bit processors are over. And when someone has to buy a new computer, it should be a 64 bit one with 4GB Memory and a modern operating system.