I fixed most of the bitmap brush engine


I can see now I had downloaded Matt’s version of the code.
So here my review:

The pencil line feels a lot, lot better. It remembers me of the very first nightly version done by Matt. [Some times Pencil2D starts with no pressure sensitivity but I think it is an issue related to my own tablet drivers, not sure though]

Adding the capability of appear/disappear of the controls whiting the tools options is a good one addition [now there is no need to try to check or unchecked boxes that are greyed out :slight_smile: ]

The tools settings of each Tool do remember correctly their last used value.

On the Vector Layers, the Drawing Tools are far better responsive to the action of our pen-tablet.

Very good your support to Matt’s work.

[For those trying to build Pencil using Qt Creator, it can be a night mare sometimes. If you happen to get it working right from the beginning I advice you to take as many PrintScreen as you can of the Build Settings of Qt Creator to follow as a guide (That way I was able to build Pencil2D again since it was just giving me a bunch of errors)]


I have tried your branch and it is working great. Yes, pencil tool now works better as well as on the vector layers.

feature request:) To use fill tool in vector layer

thanks a lot for still supporting Pencil


p.s. what happen to mypaint lib integration?




Thank you all for your feedbacks! I am glad everything is working fine for all of you! :slight_smile:

As I said in another thread on this forum, integrating mypaint was more complicated than I thought and will require some refactoring of the current code. It is too much work for what I can do so far so it is why I have decided to fix the current brush engine.

Hi @feeef and thank you for this !
I was wondering if you had news from @chchwy at this point ?

See you soon and thanks again !


Hello Feef,

Great Work!

(Sorry for my late reaction:(

One question: The Pencil canvas is not precise in giving the right format when making
an image.

Is there something I do wrong?

By the way,

The Canvas Size of 0.5.4. Pencil tool is working good (so far as I tried)
If it’s changed to, let say 1280x720, an you make a image of it with corner lines, it wil give the exact format picture as intend.

If its possible to make Pencil

1.Stable without Crashes

  1. See the canvas size while you painting!

  2. And make this canvas size exportable in the giving frame!

4.And to make rotation possible in the select tool.

Pencil wil be a Lovely tool!

  1. And to make it possible to ‘Redo’ a by mistake deleten key:)

I agree with your feedback aardman! As I said, there is still a lot to do but I think the project is going in the right direction. Hopefully, I will find more time for the project! Here is for me what needs to be fixed before version 0.5.5 and start to be a pretty good 2D animation tool :

  • Fix the timeline (making frames movable is a must have.)

  • Fix the canvas (At the moment moving, zooming or rotating the canvas isn’t working and should be)

  • Fix import / export (I haven’t really tested this feature but it seams from reported bug that it is broken)

  • Fix the paint bucket in the vector layer

  • Maybe a couple of other fixes but we should start to have a very usable app at this point!

I am testing the new version of the Pencil2D build released by @chchwy

Here I noticed one peculiar thing related to the fix done to the Vector Layers Tools: The pressure is not working as it should. While working with the PEN tool, it shows pressure sensitivity while pressing on to the canvas accordingly, but as soon as you release the pressure (meaning stop drawing) all the lines change to a non-pressure type, that is to say that the “Pressure” select’s Box only works while drawing :frowning:

[Out of topic: if you activate the Grid while on a Vector Layer, it will show up only at the right-bottom part of the canvas (while on a Bitmap layer it will show up covering the entire canvas)]

The Grid is now showed completely on the canvas whenever using Vector Layers or Bitmap Layers

Kaiko, I suggest you put your bugs on the github issues page. Otherwise we will be out of topic quite quickly.

If you fill a bug there, could you also explain the expected behavior?


You are right Feeef

(the unexpected behaviour just didn’t show up again. So no report from now)

hi feeef just wondering if your branch has been merged or you still maintain your own? also the download for your binary has some sort of problem as it says it will download in 38 mins when the file is barely 18 megas, is there any chance you can upload it to mediafire?


and thanks for the fixes btw, apparently Pencil is too prone to be abandoned

I have made some work on my branch that is unfinished (I have no time to finish it right now) and everything I have done about the brush engine has been merged to the main repository, so I think you should get the source from the main repository and build it yourself.

I guess that Pencil is about to be abandoned because the lack of interest. the fact is that it has many great feature that could make it a professional tool but most of them are broken and it makes the software pretty useless right now.

At the moment I work with Tupi, which is good but lacks a good tool to make my rough animations (which pencil has)

To be honest, I am waiting to see what Krita is going to come up with its animation tool. If it is too far from my requirements, I may do some more work on Pencil.


Saddens me to hear that Pencil2D is nearing it’s end. If no one develops it further then there’s not much point for us who don’t code to use it either. I have searched many years for a 2D animation program that I could stand to use, and Pencil2D caught my eye almost immediately. It has also improved over the years since I first made contact and I value that effort put into it very very highly because I understand this is a tiny community.

I completely understand that coders don’t have time and will all the time with paid work to be done that takes most of the time, and it’s just the same for me as a user only. I don’t get to sit down and use Pencil2D as much as I wanted to but every time I do it still feels like “home” and I guess most of us here agree that Pencil2D has come far as it is but it still has a huge potential to get even better so that’s too bad if this project is going to die.

I’ve seen Krita and it’s amazing too but it’s complicated for new users to get into and that’s where Pencil2D is so fun to work with, you just fire it up and you’re animating instantly.

I also agree that bugs need to be taken care of before new features are added in a large amount. But that’s what we as users can do, point out the bugs. In general by going to the download page you can’t really see that there has been any progress since 2013 and I don’t know why that is because I guess a lot of bugs has been ironed out since then. So why there isn’t a version 0.5.5 to be downloaded is beyond my understanding. I just now downloaded QT myself so I could build my own exe just to see for my self how a newer version is behaving.

Thanks for the hard work put in so far.

Your comment is very accurate.

Matt is the only one developer in charge here, and I guess he has no other inspiration than to stay strong and continue working for “free”,BUT because there is no actual future for pencil if no one step forward and decide to help him the same way he has helped this small community, I am tending to think, a sad way, that this project is not moving to a good end.

If I were a good coder, I would keep the developing of Pencil2D for myself till I reached a new stable version of it :slight_smile: That would allow me to ask, at the end, to all of those 165402 people that have downloaded Pencil, if they would like to donate one (1) Euro each for he hard work of mine…

I think we could have done this earlier for Matt to feel helped right at the start.









Actually, re-thinking about it and about all the great features that Pencil has as well as the community of people who would love to have a working version of Pencil, I will try to get involved on this project in a more regular basis.

I too, do not want to see this project end and as I have already been contributing, I know most of the code and I would like to keep helping making Pencil a great software.

I will try to work on it once a week first and see how fast it goes. I’ll keep you updated on this forum.

Pencil is such a missing software in the free world, I can only agree with you guys. I will do my best.

I’m glad to hear that feef. I have also decided will also commit myself to a project similar to sfepa’s, It will be time consuming for me and I expect it will take me a whole year to finnsih it. This time I have a sound track (story) to follow so I know what I want to do, because that has been my biggest problem so far, to come up with something (ideas) worth devoting time to. Therefore there hasn’t been much here from me than silly short animations. When I have my project finnished I hope I can use it to help promote and spread knowledge of Pencil2D and what can be done with it. I too will keep you updated as progress happens.

Thanks feeef for giving Pencil2D another go, I will not miss the opportunity to test out your effort.

such mixed feelings, to be honest i’m tired of vector-based programs, everyone wants to copy Flash and the few programs who animate with raster graphics are either expensive or cluttered with features and novelties that only expand it’s cost

i like Pencil, and maybe i’m only talking for me here but i don’t even need mypaint brush engine, the program is lightweight enough and too light it feels good, i’m using Windows 8.1 and for some reason Mypaint, Krita and Gimp run terrible, if i ever draw a circle i’ll get a polygon instead,i had the chance of buying Clip Studio Paint and i don’t have a need of either of them now, also i heard mypaint was working on it’s own animation branch but i hardly see people working on the main one

also such ironic thing, the interest is there but for us who can draw and no code there is no way to repair what developers originally started, and they want more people involved in a tool that is far from reliable so even if we wanted to use it there is no one attending it, not to say that i can’t find a link to the main branch for windows, even building packages seems to be a big weight now, this project would be better off going commercial, costing $10 and having a steady development cycle, this should have been done 7 years ago that the proyect started to die


finally, i thank you feeef for your time and interest, i personally won’t ask for new features, just to have something stable thinking the project will no longer be maintained and even if so, god knows when we are going to see packages built for the various platforms mainly Windows, do you have instructions you can share with me as how to build packages for it?