I fixed most of the bitmap brush engine

I have had some free time lately so I spent it on Pencil development. :slight_smile:

I have fixed most of the current Bitmap brush engine. It may not be perfect but I worked on making it very usable and I think I did. Here are the things I have done :

  • I fixed the tablet switch to eraser feature when turning the pen upside down in order to erase.
  • I made the pencil stroke feel like a real pencil. With a width of 4 and pressure set to ON, I think it looks very good.
  • I fixed most of the tools options and make their control appear or disappear depending on the option's availability for the selected tool.
  • I made each tool settings be remembered when switching from a tool to another and when restarting the application.
  • + some little fixes to make things more stable.
There is still a long way to go but it feels good to go forward! :)

I have made a pull request here.

OH MY GOSH! This is super cool of you to do! Keeping the tool settings between changes is going to be super useful! :smiley:

Sounds great! Can’t wait to try this pencil strokes! :slight_smile:

I also hope the pull request will be accepted.

You can already try this version if you know how to build the project with QT Creator (it should be very straight forward).

You just need to download the project files from my git repository here!

No! I can’t build the project, i am completely noob in this, so i’n waiting for nightly builds all the time. Unfortunately it is long time passed since last one.

I just fixed the fact that drawing a stroke on a Vector layer wasn’t shown until the mouse/stylus was released.

It is a quick fix but now the Vector brush engine is very usable too! :slight_smile:

I pushed my changes to my repository. They are automatically added to the pull request.

Building the application shouldn’t be too difficult. You need to get the latest version of QT Creator, then open the pencil.pro file with it, accept the default form from there to load the source file and press the “run” button. If at this point build fails, then yes, it will be more difficult. However, it shouldn’t fail.

Hopefully, my changes will be accepted in the main repository and you should get a nightly build soon.

A quick sketch I have done with the new pencil and brush tools

Looks Great ‘Feeef’ but like ‘Sfepa’ said: " Please, Give the Pencil fans who have no
technical skills with programme software ‘A nightly Build’ download! We are waiting so long with excitement every time we read about a new change in Pencil:)

Thanks aardman! Unfortunately, I am only using Linux right now so it is a bit difficult for me to build a windows binary. I will try to get access to a windows PC and build it for you. So you can tell me what you think of the brush engine. I should be able to do it during the coming week. I’ll let you know!

That would be great Feeef!
Thank you for all the effort you and Matt put into Pencil!
It’s much appreciated by me as Pencil Fan!
(Sorry for the Bad written Englisch,it’s not my lanquage:(

Since Krita now works fine with layer groups in psd format, Pencil2d is the only reason for me to use Windows :slight_smile: Nightly build for ubuntu would be awesome too!

Me too can’t wait to try that fixed build. I heard about Krita, it will have animation abilities with frames, layers, onion skin etc. Demo looks good. But I don’t saw there a camera tool…

feeef, thanx a lot for your work, pencil needs developer like a lost child needs for mother :slight_smile: waiting for the build!

Hi @Feeef

I build pencil in a Windows environment and here is what I got from the last PencilMaster code released:

I just wanted to try out your solution for “lines like a real Pencil”, but it is not working like that: lines are very unstable, broken and most of the time Pencil2D do not recognize pressure sensitivity from my tablet.

As I am using Windows, the issue might be related to my OS.

Thank you for your work


Kaiko, make sure you are dowloading the source from my branch and not from the main Pencil repository as my pull request has not been accepted yet. My branch is HERE.

Let me know if you still have the same issues.

I have found a Windows PC (an old one with windows XP) and I am trying to build the app right now.

I have managed to put together a binary for Windows. I am not an expert in windows programming and dlls so I hope I haven’t forgotten any lib.

Please note that you may have some old settings from previous versions of Pencil so if you want the pencil tool to behave correctly, you should make its width to something around 4 of 5 and set “pressure” to ON.

The app is HERE.

It has been built on a 32 bits PC but it should work ok on a 64 bits one.

I have just tried your Windows binary on a Win 8.1/64 system with pen.

It works totally fine. Thank you very much indeed.

Thanks for the feedback helmi! I am glad it works for you! :slight_smile:

It works fine in my Win7(64) too! I can’t drag frames on timeline but finally i can try all the tools! cool! Thanks a lot!

I plan to work on the timeline when I will have some more time. But Matt will have to accept or reject my pull request because I don’t want to mix everything.