I can't export my videos

Hi! I have just downloaded Pencil2d and i love it, but i can´t export my files in any format. When I try to export it just stays processing until completing the creation of the file, but when I go to the folder on my PC where is suppose to be the video, there’s nothing, Could it be something with the installation or what is it? how can I solve this, I don’t want to use any other software

@LMCP Hi. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. If you have Windows 10, please follow this guide and its recommendations first to make your OS is not choking external third party programs in general. If needed please re-download the software again, unblock and unzip the files as indicated: [Guide] How to Train Your Pencil2D (Windows)

Later then please follow the steps on this reply (it has GIF’s) in order to make sure you are able to export with the appropriate extension, this is to rule out you’re experiencing this issue: I'm not able seeing things I have exported

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