I cannot download Pencil2D! HELP

So, I’m using an ASUS Sonicmaster (Windows 10) Microsoft laptop, and decided to download your animation program. I clicked “Windows 7/8/10”, “64-bit” option from your official site, right here. When it was done loading, I double clicked on the Pencil2D folder, when it opened, I scrolled all the way down to pencil2D.exe and clicked on that file. But then the following System Error messages keep popping up: Qt5Gui.dll was not found, Qt5Widgets.dll was not found, Qt5Multimedia.dll was not found, Qt5Xml.dll was not found. As well as msvcp140.dll is missing. I’ve right clicked the pencil 2d file I just downloaded and select all, I double clicked pencil2D.exe location. And guess what? It didn’t work. For the msvcp140.dll is missing situation, I couldn’t find the vcredist_x64.exe or vscredist_x86.exe that the troubleshooting section said. Im losing so much hair from the stress of downloading this! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! This shouldn’t be even this difficult to download… Pls respond asap. Thanks for reading this

Hopefully this will help…

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