How to set minimum brush size?

Hello! Quite literally have just installed Pencil2D – sorry if this has already been asked! Is there a way to set a minimum brush size for the pen’s pressure sensitivity?

There is no such setting in Pencil2D. Most graphics tablets have an application accompanying their drivers which will allow you to adjust the pressure curve so that a light pressure is mapped to a larger pressure value and thus large “minimum” brush size.

It’s also not uncommon for people to do sketches in Pencil2D, and leave the final inking stage to a more capable drawing program through importing/exporting.

There is also a highly experimental MyPaint version of Pencil2D you can try out here: MyPaint version pre-alpha preview - #257 by MrStevns. It contains in-app pressure mapping adjustments among other things, but it is not an official build, and you should be extra vigilant with backups when using it as there are very few people testing it right now.

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