How to see borders in camera layer

I used Pencil2d for a week now but I got a problem with the camera layer. If I look at YouTubers I can see that they all have borders in the camera layer. I tried everything but I still didn’t get how to see those borders. Please help me.

@animator Can you please share a screenshot of these “youtubers”?

By default the camera layer is turned on and you will see the camera viewfinder area, that is a “border” surrounded by grey and a rectangular hole that shows a white background.

If by borders you mean what are called “safe areas” which are liens inside the camera viewfinder, you have to enable them in the display panel, but these are only available in the most recent version of Pencil2D 0.6.5 available to download in the website.

That said there are a few bugs regarding these display elements such as having a weird selection offset when they are turned on, and having an inconsistent zoom scaling when you zoom the actual camera layer (not the view while drawing).

They do not appear in the resulting video export, so it’s only usable to plan composition for broadcast.

This is what I mean:

You can see that you can see the photo clearly at a point ant outside it is a little bit darker. I want to know how to see these borders.

@animator Hmm :thinking: I’m not sure how to explain myself better so it’s easy to understand.

Pencil2D has a theoretically infinite canvas and on top of that sits a virtual object we call the camera

It’s like having a large sheet of paper worth of space to draw, but you will only be allowed to show what is seen by the viewfinder.

The camera object is the grey colored veil with a literal hole to allow you to “capture” the scene you’re painting.

In Flash terms, you’re basically always drawing on the pasteboard and the camera visible area acts as the traditional canvas which in turn determines what is seen in the final video output.

But let me be clear that there is no actual canvas like in flash. Instead you have the output size for the video determined by the camera viewfinder size. Which you can change by double clicking the camera layer.

If you select the camera layer (yellow) and then turn the layer OFF by pressing the circle to the left of the layer name. You will see everything turns white except your background or drawing. This means you’re now seeing “under” the camera, the entire unrestricted paper sheet, but when you are going to export a movie, you will only get a portion of that paper sheet on video.

Lastly, we have a simple visual guide with some animated GIF’s of how the camera behaves as well:

this is how it looks at my camera layer, I can’t see any borders. but If you look at the pictures of the Youtubers you see this: What I wanna know is why I can’t see those darker area’s. Please help me. I am not so good at English so thats why you can’t understand me that good. sorry.

@animator In the second screenshot the camera size is smaller than the actual screen resolution.

In the first screenshot your camera is simply larger or near the size of your screen resolution that’s why it does not show when you select the camera layer.

When you select the camera layer you will see the actual output size of the video. If you zoom / pan / tilt the canvas with the camera layer selected you will be transforming the actual camera object, and this will be shown in the final video.

If you select a drawing layer instead and try to zoom/pan/tilt you will not manipulate the camera object but rather the whole canvas view. So zooming out will show you the camera borders and this will not be shown in the final video.

The difference between the CANVAS VIEW and the CAMERA VIEW was shown and explained in the visual guide thread I shared before.

So I have to change the size of my canvas? And if I have to what format?

I got itttt!!! Really really thank you for all your help!!! Keep the good work up

now I got this problem after changing the size of the canvas: blob: sorry for all the questions but I am a newbie.

@animator Sorry I have been really busy for the entire week. The link you posted is no longer active. Could you re upload it so I can take a look?

Also don’t worry about questions. That’s what the forum is here for.

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