How do i start making a project plz help

me again. I know technically i’ve already talked about this, but let me rephrase it: So how do i start a project? i can’t find a button anywhere that takes me to the actual drawing thing, and all the tutorials i’ve seen online start already making a project. To sum it up, where’s the “start a new project” button? Plz help

@Wolfamations Hi. Hmm Pencil2D is not an online drawing program. You have to download the software and run it from within your computer.


To download the software go to in there at the very top you’ll see a list of operating systems. You need to select the one you’re currently using.

For example if you are using Windows 10 Home, you would choose the link under the first window icon to the left.

Then you’ll have to know if your operating system is either 64bit or 32 bit. This is really easy here’s a guide form Microsoft for that: Which version of Windows operating system am I running?

Once you know this value, just click on the appropriate blue-ish text that says 64bit or 32bit accordingly.

Setup the files

One you download the package, you will obtain a ZIP file. This file contains a lot of files necessary for Pencil2D to run in your computer.

Once you have this ZIP file please follow step #1 and #2 of this guide: [Guide] How to Train Your Pencil2D (Windows)

Once you have unblocked and unzipped the Pencil2D folder (preferably on a part of your drive where you can always access it) you have to enter the folder and find the pencil2d.exe file, it will be the only file with a pencil icon.

Running the app

:warning: Important: Pencil2D is a portable application, it does not need to be installed. In turn you won’t find it on the windows programs list, nor in the task bar unless you specifically put it there.

When running Pencil2D for the first time, If by any change you get any of the following errors I’ll link solutions below on how to fix them.

These are usually due to Windows lacking certain files, it’s not up to Pencil2D if you get the error or not.

Potential errors on startup

  1. Qt5Widgets.dll was not found
    Note: If you following the previous guide you shouldn’t find this issue at all.
    - a. Right click on the ZIP file you just downloaded and select Extract all.
    - b. Go to the location you just extract to, find Pencil2D.exe and double click on it.
  2. MSVCP140.dll / VC_RUNTIME_140_.dll is missing
    - a. Double click and install the vcredist_x64.exe or vcredist_x86.exe file inside the Pencil2D folder. or visit the appropriate Microsoft website to download this component The latest supported Visual C++ downloads
  3. api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing
    Note: This usually only happens for Windows versions older than 10.
    - a. Download and install the following windows updates:

Using Pencil2D

One you managed to successfully open the software you’ll be greeted automatically by a new file with a blank canvas and a camera viewfinder.

To the left you’ll see the toolbar, the options panel and the onion skin panel Note: If you don’t see this panel go to the topbar menu > windows > onion skins

On the bottom you’ll see the timeline panel here you will get 3 types of basic layers added automatically:

  1. :paintbrush: Bitmap layer: to draw with (smooth or raw) pixels. Colors can be painted softly. Think MSPaint or FireAlpaca.
  2. :small_red_triangle: Vector layer: to draw with smooth lines. Colors can only be flat (:warning: :speaking_head: This layer is still in development, so we don’t recommend to use it yet)
  3. :movie_camera: Camera Layer: This layer is what determines what is seen in the final video.
    :green_circle: The camera is always on top of everything. The canvas is always below it.
    :green_circle: The camera is shown as a grey area with a center cutout we call a viewfinder. You will see the canvas through the camera.
    :green_circle: You can move / rotate / zoom the camera with the hand tool Clicking & dragging will transform the camera LMB (left mouse button) → pan / move | LMB+CTRL → zoom | LMB+ALT → Tilt |
    :green_circle: and a default camera size of 800 (wide) x600 (height)

Each layer can have their own type of frames. To start drawing you need to:

  1. Select a layer with your mouse.
  2. Move the playhead / timeline cursor (blue-ish vertical bar) to a specific frame position on the frame ruler (e.g 1st frame, 2nd frame, 3rd frame, 20th frame etc)
  3. Then press the single plus icon to add a new blank frame to hold your drawing.
  4. Pick either Pencil, Pen or Brush tool on the toolbox and start drawing on the white canvas.
  5. For more drawings in sequence, repeat step 2 to 4 on the active layer.


Once you’re done you can export your single drawing or sequence of drawings (animation) by using the export action.

Export Command Menus

  1. File > Export > Image for still images
  2. File > Export > Movie for videos
  3. File > Export > Animated Gif for GIF’s (don’t forget to enable the [x] Loop checkbox)

@Wolfamations Hi, sorry, the other mods told me that maybe writing a wall of text wasn’t the best way to help in this case. I was busy at the moment and didn’t think it through so I ended up writing this over the course of an entire day.

Here are some video tutorials that should cover the basics of the program and I hope it’s more useful to you and it helps you faster.

how can a break a wall plss

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