How do I animate?

how do u get to the blank white thing to animate?

Do you mean animating the camera?

On the layers window, select the Camera Layer. Then use the Move Tool (M) to adjust the camera (white thing). Handles should be visible to enable you to scale and rotate the camera. Drag the camera to move it around. Next add a Key/add a frame. Go into the new key/frame and adjust the camera. Now switch between frames and the camera and see it animate. If you separate the two keys apart leaving spaces between them, the camera would be automatically tweened.

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thx man but I wanna know how to get to the “white thing” to draw on

how do u get to the white- I guess whiteboard thingy to draw on? like how to I guess “activate it” :/

It should be there by default?

Maybe the Camera Layer is missing. Add a camera layer with short cut Ctrl+Alt+C. Give your new camera layer a name or keep the default name, then click OK.

It sounds like you may be having some difficulty understanding the basics of how Pencil2D works. When the program opens, it is immediately ready for drawing and animating. Here is a tutorial series for beginners that you may find helpful for getting started: It is for an older version of Pencil2D, but almost everything discussed remains the same.

If watching a few of these videos doesn’t address your problem, you will need to be more descriptive about what you are trying to accomplish, and what you have tried. A “white thing” is not very clear I’m afraid.

by “white thing” I mean the part where u draw on and make frames Iv’e checked the hamburger menu and cant find it if ur saying its there by default… how come im just in this black area and can only chat?.. ill check again :/

Pencil2D is not a web app that runs in your browser, its a native application that you download and run locally on your Windows, macOS or Linux computer. You can go to the downloads by clicking on the corresponding menu entry at the very top of the page, or by simply going to If you have trouble running the program, check this post:

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