Help me i dont know how to boot this up

Hello! How do I get Pencil2d booting up? I’ve tried to boot it up


Hi rooliobros3, welcome to the forum! Launching Pencil2D technically isn’t very difficult, but newer versions of Windows and macOS will sometimes try to get in the way. In general, if you are using one of those two operating systems, start by extracting the Pencil2D ZIP archive that you downloaded, then once that is done simply start the program using the pencil2d.exe / file from the location where you extracted the archive contents.

If that doesn’t work and you are using Windows, please try the steps outlined in this guide:

If you are using macOS, you might have to right click the .app file and select Open the first time you are starting the program.

Lastly, if you are using Linux, you don’t have to extract anything but you do need to make sure the AppImage file you downloaded is marked as executable in the file properties. Then you can simply run that file directly.

If you are still unable to run the program even after following these steps, please provide more details about where exactly you’re getting stuck. In particular, if you encounter any error messages, please include the full text of those messages.

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