Hidden in 'plain sight'!

Sometimes things are hidden ‘plain sight’ that means that they’re not hidden, but some people who are not very observant won’t see them.

Look @ the animation below and see if you can spot it!


The .pclx that generated the .GIF file above is the 1 below.

Tennis.pclx (18.6 KB)

I’ve examined the frames in the .GIF file and the conclusion that I’ve come to is the frames were grabbed from the frames displayed from the editor.

Have you discovered what the problem with the animation us yet?

There’s a horizontal thin blue line above the grass.

You notice it because our ancient ancestors lived on the African Savana, they’re survival depended on seeing slight differences in their surroundings. If they didn’t they might have hit eaten, by a larger animal, like a Tiger!

It’s the same that people use to solve puzzles where a drawing of say a mouse is hidden in say a photo or drawing of a road in a town!

The blue line is an artificact of the editing process, the grass was selected and the blue line goes all around it, but its most obvious at the junction of the grass and the sky.

If you don’t believe me, then load the .pclx into Pencil2D select the grass and examine the frames individually.