HI are these bugs or am I just noob/mad?

Hi I spent a lot of time on some drawing and setting up the scene just have to sort out audio, lip sync and camera positions.

I am confused as when I click on the camera layer and I see what I presume is meant to be the cameras view which will be exported, I do not get the camera frame I get a zoomed in cropped version missing the tops and bottoms of the square frame. It makes it very hard to get the framing right.

Also undo doesn’t seem to do much which is very worrying, twice I have accidentally deleted or created a new frame and hitting undo does nothing, luckily both times I could easily get it back myself.

Many thanks for any help

hi @jmand ,

The camera is always showed 1:1, so if your camera size is wider and heigher than your available screen, you can’t see the frame. We are working on a solution for this problem. You could look into it here, but don’t use this version for serious stuff.

There is also a new undo/redo implementation in the works, but I don’t know when it will be integrated in the software.

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hi thanks I thought it might be like that, its ok this is still really fun software and you introduced me to the world of hand drawn animation and I am very grateful its lovely software and with these changes will be excellent!

How does one change the camera size? I used this software a year ago and now forgot everything… I might try the beta software you have some new camera movement tools in it?

You change the camera size by double clicking the camera layer.

If you follow the link in my prevoius answer, you’ll find both the bata versions and a video that shows the changes, and how to use the camera.

We have a discord channel, where you also can pose questions, come with suggestions, show your work and much more. Link is found under ‘Community’.

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What I personally do is instead of using the built-in camera, I just take my animation into my video editor and do zoom, pan, or anything like that in the video editor. It’s smoother anyway.

really so export form pencil 2d as a very high resolution video and you crop into it in the editor? I am into filmmaking so I could potentially do that, but I know premiere doesnt really like huge high resolution images. tbh when I get the camera to do what I want in pencil 2d I actually think its fine, I kinda like its jitteriness reminds me of old south park which is just the look I am trying to go for: https://youtube.com/shorts/P8OGIOc4Yuw

I need to add in the rest of the scene, audio, lip sync, camera movements…

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There are developments currently being developed by the Pencil2D Team that will make the Camera Layer much more powerful.

yes I am aware its exciting its such a unique piece of software in its simplicity to use, I find it very inspiring

I’ve used Flash, Adobe Animator, Moho Studio Pro etc. and the most flexible and easy to use software I’ve used is Pencil2D.

hahah wow that is cool I love it also the brush dynamics are really good in pencil 2d I was going to try out adobe animator as it has that auto lip sync feature seems it would be great to save a lot of time, maybe do the bulk of the animation in pencil 2d then lip sync in a adobe animator what sort of stuff you make?

HI ssorry but this is relate…

I made an image that is 720 x 720 and my camera is set to this but when I import image the top and bottom are cut off…

any ideas?

If you are sure there the image you are trying to import is 720x720, and you’re sure the camera is set to 720x720, there are a couple other things you can check:

  • Switch active layers after changing the camera size. I believe at one point there was bug where the camera size preview would not update unless you updated the cache (which switching the active layer will do).
  • Make sure you are not zoomed in on the camera layer. Select the camera layer and and go to View > Reset to reset the camera’s zoom. You should do this while on a camera layer keyframe. Typically there is only one keyframe at the beginning of an animation unless you have camera movement, so you would do this on the first frame.

If neither of these things solve your issue, if you can share the image you are trying to import and the project you are trying to import it into, we can take a closer look at it to see if we can reproduce or identify the issue.

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