Help! After some hours of working on a animation, the window automatically closed!

Hello, can I have my project back somehow? I worked a lot on it and the window with pencil2d closed, I think was an error but it didn’t saved and I didn’t download it too… It shouldn’t disapear like this. I was just working on it to finish a sketch and the program closed! Please Help!

So, yes, I think I lost that animation, but the problem is that I don’t know if I could do it again because I don’t know if that “error” could happen again, and then I’ll lose it again… I’ll just wait for an answer.

@Victor1220 Hi, sorry to hear you lost your work. Please take a look at our dedicated guide to deal with this issue. This often happens on Windows because of the operating system permissions management and it’s something we cannot control to be honest, so we can only advice you to prevent losing work.

  1. Since Pencil2D is considered a third party app, and it’s also not signed digitally (we are not a company, but only volunteering maintainers) Windows will treat Pencil2D like a potential malware vector. Please read this guide to reduce the chances of getting caught by a system permission block or an antivirus real-time sweeper.
  1. Now for the actual recovery we have the following guide
  1. If by any chance you never saved the file at least once on the disk, the autosave will not activate by itself. This happens when you immediately jump to draw and work for hours but if the files are not written on disk, they will only be kept in the computer’s random access memory (RAM) which is considered a volatile type of container.

    Once it’s filled beyond it’s capacity, it’s highly possible that Pencil2D crashes. So always make sure to save the starting file at the beginning, then in the Edit> Preferences > Files section > Enable the autosave option and set it to a decently high number like 256, that way every 256 changes the software will try to save the file automatically (note: you might get interrupted while drawing so be careful).
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If you never saved your project, there will be nothing to recover. Yes Pencil2D may crash under certain circumstances. Although we do our best to fix these issues, there will likely always be some ways to crash the program. This is the same as in any other application. If you don’t want to loose your work again, the best thing you can do is make a habit of saving your project early and often, and saving multiple copies of your project every so often (ie. backups).

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