Deleted Progress :(

I animated 500 frames but then for some reason 100+ of them went missing, it was only all in one layer.

@MattAng Hi, sorry to hear you had such an issue. My recommendation is to please never save on the same file for a long period of time. It’s best to have multiple backups you can fall back in case there’s a hardware or software malfunction.

Unfortunately if your frames were lost there’s no way to recover them without bringing them from a previous version of the file.

Now as to why these were lost … sometimes depending on the operating system (e.g Windows) the save operation can be interrupted by a permissions problem, an antivirus app can block the program or in other cases a temporary file cleaner can delete your frames without your approval. None of this has anything to do with Pencil2D so we can’t do much about it.

  1. Please save backup copies of your files as a counter measure
  2. Follow some of these tips to make Windows more open to let you work with third party apps like Pencil2D [Guide] How to Train Your Pencil2D (Windows)
  3. If you still lose frames form time to time, try saving a backup copy as a PCL file. This means save your file normally, and then create a new copy by going to
  • File > Save As > set the type dropdown to PCL > this will save the file along a DATA folder next to it (which you must not erase) this way you’ll be able to see exactly which files are part of the project.

  • I only suggest saving this once in a while because it might not be easy to manage, however it’s the best way to avoid random software from deleting the temporary folder where Pencil2D stores drawings during a work session

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ok. but i think i will use PAP for now…

@MattAng That’s fine, though be careful since PAP 4 is very old and no longer supported by the original author. They are making a new PAP but it’s paid and still under development. If anything better try to use Opentoonz, a new version was released recently (1.6)

You’re welcome to post your work on the appropriate section of the Pencil2d forum as well. Best of luck.

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Thanks for the tip! I’ll go to pencil 2d when the bug is fixed, or when v.6.6.7 is out!

thanks for the tip! im going to download it when 0.6.7 is out…

ooh wait 0.6.5 works just right!

@MattAng I seriously hope your joking. 0.6.5 is an older version and is much more likely to corrupt your entire project than 0.6.6.

You could also be waiting quite a while for the next stable version of Pencil2D, and when it comes we’re never going to guarantee that issue like this won’t happen again. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what program you use or what version, there’s always a chance of you loosing work. The solution is to make backups. It’s really that simple.

ok, thanks! i made 2 back ups yesterday in case the back up dosent work :)

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