Couldn't open because Qt5Widgets.dll is missing

So I was trying to open Pencil2d. I did it like I always do, using the shortcut I have. But when I tried to open it, it said: “The program couldn’t start because Qt5Widgets.dll is missing from your computer”. I usually can open it without a problem, but I’m pretty sure this is a problem. and then I totally forgot how I originally installed the program onto my computer so I can’t even reinstall it. I am being caused pain, please help me fix this.

@Ash0nMarzz Hi, sorry to hear you’re having this issue. This is a common problem on windows, but it’s not a problem created by Pencil2D, rather it means when your original Pencil2D folder is missing some key files.

Probably when the download file was unzipped, all the necessary files weren’t properly extracted. There’s a troubleshooting section in the download page that also mention this.

Anyway here are some tips:

  1. Pencil2D works like a portable app, you don’t need to install it, just extract the downloaded zip folder and run it from there.
  2. You can pin the Pencil2D.exe file to the taskbar, or create a shortcut from it. You’ll find this file in the folder where you extracted the download files.
  3. To comfortably use Pencil2D under Windows please read and follow the guide below thoroughly. It includes links to other guides and explanations on how to properly unblock and unzip files among other important steps to avoid issues stemming from the operating system itself.

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