Corrupted save file

Hey Pencil 2D one of my save files won’t open. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

@Dark_Matter Hi, sorry to hear you had issues with file corruption. In windows 10 one has to take some precautions when using third party apps, which includes Pencil2D. I’ll leave some recommendations below:

  1. From what I see it seems you were using onedrive. This can lead to issues since the data synchronization processes might get cut when there’s no internet, this happens to me when I use Google Drive and MEGA for example. So it’s recommended to first save the file on the hard drive in a different folder and then upload it to onedrive.
  2. Pencil2D saves the data sequentially, that is writing one thing at a time. If this process is interrupted in any way (e.g blackout, computer crash, antivirus, etc) your files will have a high chance of getting corrupted.
  3. In Windows 10 there’s also an issue with the operating system itself where third party apps that are not officially downloaded from the microsoft store can be seen as threats. This forces the OS and antivirus software to attempt blocking files written to disk.
  4. To reduce the chance of 2 & 3 occuring please read and apply the advice from this guide

5. To attempt and recover a partially corrupted file please follow the advice on this other guide.

  1. Lastly please always make sure to make extra backup copies of your work. Never save months of work on the same file. This is a surefire way to get your file corrupted with ANY software, so have a work habit of creating backups using the save as… command (File > Save As…)

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