Cant export animation

hi i would like to report a bug with pencil2D

when i try to export an animation into a animated GIF or a movie it brings up an error window. the error window says oops something went wrong
please help me.

Please make sure the file you are saving to has the correct extension (.gif for gifs and typically .mp4 for movies unless you’ve changed the export format). If it does not have that extension, manually add it. This is typically what causes that issue.

@jamieDbighill Hi. As the previous comment mentioned please make sure you have the correct file format extension when exporting the files (you can review this in the export dialogs file location area or when using the browse button)

On the other hand make sure you are using the latest version of the software which you can download form the official website at

Another possibility is that after extracting the software, the plugin that comes bundled with Pencil2D was not extracted. If you’re using windows please take a look at our dedicated guide to make sure Pencil2D runs smoothly in that operating system:

Also make sure to review the section to configure your antivirus or malware defender to avoid unnecessary complications when using Pencil2D.

Additionally make sure you are NOT saving the file to a virtual folder or to a distributed folder like those created by Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Make sure as well that you are not saving to a folder with disabled write permissions (this can happen when you’re using a school or shared computer where you can’t save files leisurely). Try saving the files to the desktop at first, just to make sure the file will be exported, otherwise try saving directly to a USB stick in case it doesn’t work.

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