Blank animations!

Whenever I click on any of the animations I did yesterday, it gives me a blank page when I saved all of them

@GriffinsWing Hi. Sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with these difficulties. This problem oddly resembles one we had before with an older version, but this was fixed many months ago. However the only suitable explanation is that you’re using Windows 10 which has been found to be very unfriendly towards third party apps due to recent changes on security protocols, and Pencil2D has been affected by this as well.

If you are using Win10, please remove your current version of Pencil2D and re-download Pencil2D 0.6.4 from and immediately after downloading follow this recommendations guide from start to finish. [Guide] How to Train Your Pencil2D (Windows)

On the other hand to prevent losing work please also take some time to follow this other guide Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide

It has tips and considerations to prevent losing work and recover it on various circumstances regardless of Operating system.

Once a file has been blanked out we can’t recover it, but if you have the Windows backup option enabled you could potentially restore the previous state of files as seen on this guide:

All in all, we’re sorry that you had to deal with these issues Pencil2D is still under development and due to it’s open source nature we depend on users to report these issues to us as even after careful testing and QA procedures there are corner cases that can’t be predicted, only acted upon. Cheers.

@GriffinsWing Of course, we’d totally understand if you don’t want to keep using Pencil2D and hoping that you can continue working as soon as possible, I’d also like to provide you with an alternative list of animation software (both free & paid) that you can try out in case you are dealing with a due date.

These applications should have capabilities to import image sequences (which Pencil2D can export) so you can continue where you left off in case you have a backup, or start fresh either way:

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